How to Choose Wire Brush?

How to Choose a good Wire Brush?

Wire brush is generally used for deburring and rust removal. There are lot of different wire brushes in the world. We will give you few tips for you to how to choose the right wire brush.

By Power tools

You must choose the right wire brush according to what power tools you are using

Angle grinder

When you have angle grinder, you need following cup wire brush with the 22.23mm or 5/8-11 inch thread. The wire brush can be flat wheel or cup wheels.

twisted knot cup wire brush Bevel Wire Brush Twisted Knot Wheel Brushes with Nut

Bench wheel

When we need powerful machine to polishing, normally we use the stationary bench grinder. They have normally a round hole in the middle.

crimped wire brush with thread Circular Brushes without thread

Electric drill

When we use hand held or stationary electric drill, we need the wire brush with shank, either round shank or hexagon shank.

Shaft Mounted Brushes Shaft Mounted End Brushes

So there are also hand hold wood brush and plastic brush, but not not so many.

Choose right wire type

In general we have 2 types of wire for all wire wheels. One is twisted knot wire and another one is crimped wire. Please check the following picture

Crimped wire

It is general for getting rid of small burs or remove small layer of dusts. Sometime when we need make fine polish we also need crimped wire.

Twist knot wire

It delivers very aggressive brushing. When we need to remove big stock on the metal, or very thick rust on the surface, definitely we need choose twist knot wire.

Chose wire by Material

Img Material
Steel wire

It is a strong wire, good for remove big stock rust, paint and grass on the pavement. The cost of the steel wire is good, but it can scratch the metal surface when it is hard. Also it might have chance that the working piece get rust again after steel wire grinding. So you need some Anti rust treatment after using steel wire.

Stainless steel wire

It is very good wire. Very good for remove big stock rust, paint and also weeds on the payment. The working piece will not getting rust after grinding. It is also not recommend if you are sensitive to the surface of your working piece as it is also easy get scratched on the surface

Brass wire

It is very soft material compare to other wire. It will never scratch the surface on the working pieces. So we suggest to use brass wire when the working piece is very hard and also need smooth surface. Also the working piece will not get rust again after brass wire grinding.

How to Choose Wire Brush?
Brass coated wire

It is cheap version to replace the brass wire. It not so bad in the performance of rust removing. It still can cause the rust after grinding, but little better than the steel wire.

Different type of wire brush in different application

Cup wire brush

Cup wire brush Cup brushes are used for removal of scale, rust, and paint, as well as for deburring and polishing. It is very good for large flat or round surface operation.

twisted knot cup wire brush

Cup Wheel Brush

Bevel wire brush

Bevel wire brushes are used for rust removal, deburring, polishing and grout cleaning. It is ideal to clean corners and edges or other hard-to-reach areas.

Bevel Wire Brush

twisted Bevel wire brush

Circular wire brush for bench wheel

It is installed on bench wheel to working on small working pieces can hold by hand. Most of the application and deburring

Circular Brushes with thread

Wire wheel brush for angle grinder

It is good for welding remove and grout cleaning. It is ideal to work on narrow space processing.

Crimped Wire Cup Brush for angle grinder

Twisted Knot Wheel Brushes with Nut

How to Choose Wire Brush?

Grass trimmer head wire brush

This is special wire brush for weed removal. Some people also call it Lawn Mower Weeding Tray. It is bug cup wheel brush in 150mm, 170mm and 200mm. (6-8 inch)

How to Choose Wire Brush?

End brush

End brush are used in electric drills. It is ideal for difficult area such as tube inside or uneven surface.

Shaft Mounted End Brushes

Shaft Mounted End Brushes Twisted  Knot

How to Choose Wire Brush? How to Choose Wire Brush?

So hope you enjoy your work and always find the right tools.

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