Comparing Binic Testing Report with Others Abrasive Wheels

Abrasive Wheels Testing Report

Binic abrasive has different sizes and qualities cutting wheels for different markets. Our Abrasive Wheels Testing Report technicians do some comparing testing for customers to know Binic productions better. For example, we usually compare with Norton, Dronco, and Pferd brands.

We choose the same size cutting wheels in different brands and let them under the same testing circumstance. Comparing their different wastage, average time, cuts numbers, and cutting rates, we can choose what cutting wheels we really want.

The detail explanations are as below.

It will help customers to learn how to choose suitable cutting wheels.

1: Wastage. It means the diameter reduction of cutting wheels after cutting. The lower wastage is the better quality when they under the same testing environment and the same cuts.

2: Average time. We usually take the average cutting time as an element to estimate the operating speed when the wheels working.  It related to the hardness of the materials. The soft material will reduce the operating speed and will increase the average cutting time.

3: Cuts number. Majority customers pay more attention on cuts number. It shows the working life of the cutting wheels directly.

Usually, the larger is the better.

4: Cutting rates. This is a comprehensive factor to judge the quality. We have a measurement through comparing the proportion between the cutting wheels loss area and testing material cutting area. Usually we can choose a better quality by the smaller cutting rates. This not absolute, because the hard material will have a small cutting rates, but it will affect the lower cutting speed.

So we usually take all the factors into consideration when we choosing a suitable cutting wheel.

Compared with other brands testing report, customers can get more information from Binic abrasive. We can provide comparing chart, not only the words report. If you need some testing videos you can find the link on


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