How to clean a flap disc after first use

How to clean a flap disc after first use

With developments in abrasive coating, the sheet material could withstand greater forces and speeds. This allowed the production of flap wheels for use with speed angle grinders. For better use of the flap wheel, usually, we will do much work in cleaning and maintaining after using a flap wheel. How to clean a flap disc after first use

How should I handle and store the flap disc?

  • All flap discs are fragile. They should be handled with care. As the background is a hard disk, this will make flap disc used with an extra life.
  • Flap discs should be stored on a flat, rigid surface, avoiding damp and frost or wide variation in temperature. The foam spacer inside will keep dry and flexible in this way, and more suited for producing a smooth finish to curved surfaces.
  • Use the oldest discs (on “first-in, first-out” basis). Old flap disc has a shorter life than new, it is a good way to take advantage of using them this way.

How should I clean a flap disc after first use?

  • Before storing the machine or transporting it to another location, always remove the disc and store it as recommended.
  • Always carefully examine the flap disc for damage or defects, and destroy and discard if damaged. Cutting off the destroyed part with a scissor, to guarantee the wheels flat surface. This will add a flap disc’s applicable life. Also if the flap disc is high quality, like 3M, then only be carefully clearing the dust on the surface and make sure it would not pollute the stainless.
  • The immersion treatment process will help flap disc to improve the grinding performance of the abrasive tools. No nodules will be formed on the wheel surface during dressing, and the surface will not be greasy during grinding, and no burn will be generated on the surface being ground.

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