Aluminum grinding wheel for shipyards

Which metal does the aluminum grinding wheel use?
Just aluminum.

What type of work do you usually perform?
We mainly cut marine sheets, but also cut soft extrusions. Their performance seems to be as good as hard and soft.

What is the thickness of the plate when you say it?
We mainly use 3mm to 8mm aluminum grinding wheel, but mainly use smaller aluminum grinding wheel of 3, 4 and 5mm.

What made you decide to use these aluminum grinding wheel?
We have tried all of these methods, and every salesman who has access has the best products in the world, so we tend to be skeptical about what people say. But we tried some samples and our guys immediately fell in love with them. Basically because they cut more clean, faster, and the wear on the aluminum grinding wheel is less than what the opponent gave us, and as I said, we have tried everything.

Have you performed a specific test after receiving the sample?
We did the best test in all aspects, just putting them into normal use. I mean, that’s their job, that is, we want to buy them, so they enter the factory with normal service, and everyone I give them immediately says: “These things are definitely better.”

“Basically because they cut more clean and faster”
Result – what the user found
Have you noticed these aluminum grinding wheel?
They cut faster, cleaner and more neatly. The aluminum grinding wheel seems to have a built-in lubricant. When we use the opposite aluminum grinding wheel to cut awkward things, we have to use waxy things that are a bit like soap, which don’t need it. It also won’t sacrifice itself, our aluminum grinding wheels cut very quickly, but of course they will become victims and will wear out quickly. These shortcomings are less than the opposition.

Do you notice any difference as time goes by?
Not exactly not, I mean that what we do is very professional, that is what we do, we just do aluminum, this is what we do here, oh, for aluminum grinding wheels, these are definitely the answer.

The science behind the results?
When cutting, the aluminum grinding wheel releases a lubricant that lubricates the aluminum grinding wheel without leaving any residue.
No binding or shrinkage, faster cutting speed and longer service life.

No pollution
Unlike other aluminum grinding wheels, aluminum shaver cutters have specific abrasive properties to prevent aluminum contamination.
Welding and polishing can be performed immediately after cutting.

Due to its clean and lubricated nature, the aluminum grinding wheel does not get stuck or backflushed and can be cut smoothly throughout its service life.

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