How to prevent abrasives australia from being wasted in the workshop?

Thoroughly clean the surface before sanding. One of the most common mistakes I have seen is that people who are preparing to work will not wipe the surface with detergent or degreaser. Often, people tend to think that if the surface is to be polished, it does not have to be cleaned. However, proper cleaning will remove stubborn grease and dirt, which can easily clog the abrasives australia and waste a lot of abrasives australia for no reason.
A suitable sander is used depending on the particle size used. This is another common problem that causes excessive clogging of the sandpaper. The rule of thumb tells us that for stripping and putty/filler sanding, we should use a random track sander with a track of 5 or 6 mm, and for primer and clear coat sanding, it is best to use 2.5 or 3 mm. Small track. You will be surprised by the results. track
Blow paper with air. This simple step will help reduce abrasives australia consumption. Keep the blow gun within your reach.
Before starting to polish, make sure the material is fully cured. This is also a very common mistake. To speed up the repair process, some painters do not follow the manufacturer’s technical data sheet, which reduces drying time. Incompletely cured fillers or primers will certainly block the abrasives grinding wheels and increase waste.
Use the correct grit sequence. Another useful rule of thumb to remember is the “100” rule. It states that the next grinding step should not exceed 100 grit units in the previous step. For example, if the filler is sanded with a P80 disc, the next feathering must be P180, not thinner. Otherwise, the scratches on the P80 will not be properly smoothed and the primer may sink. On the other hand, the use of abrasives australia that are too rough can also cause clogging problems. For example, it is recommended to use a lightweight filler (such as P150 or P180) instead of a thicker sand. Always pay attention to the manufacturer’s technical advice.
A dry guide coat is recommended compared to black aerosols. Applying a black primer to the filler or primer will help to identify subtle defects, such as pinholes that would otherwise be invisible. Typically, instead of a dry guiding coating, an aerosol black coating is used. Unlike dry powders, coatings can clog the disc, reducing the life of the abrasives australia.
Dry guide
Use dust as much as possible. Most of the above techniques are useless if we don’t connect the sander to the dust collector.

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