How to Remove Cutting Disc from Angle Grinder?

Here are six steps to remove cutting disc from angle grinder

1. Remove the battery before removing or changing the angle grinder cutting disc.

Because there is always the possibility of accidentally opening the shredder at the opportunity to disassemble the angle grinder cutting discs, this step should not be ignored.

2. Remove the angle grinder guard before removing the cut off disc with your screwdriver.

How to Remove Cutting Disc from Angle Grinder?

This will make it easier to get the angle grinder closed. Loosen the screw that holds the angle grinder guard in place or push the release latch on the angle grinder guard to remove it. Not all models are the same. Some will have screws and others will have a latch.

3. Press and hold the angle grinder cutting disc lock button.

While still holding the button, turn the grinder upside down so that the grinder is facing up. Try turning the grinding discs with your other hand. If the cutting wheel does not turn, it will be locked. If the grinder blades is turned, you will need to press and hold the lock button again.

The lock button is usually located on the upper right or left side of the grinder, but can be found near or at the bottom of the trigger.

4. Use the supplied wrench to turn the hand nut counterclockwise.

Most grinders are equipped with wrenches and some will pin them. If you have a wrench pin, you will see holes in the sides of the knife nut. Insert the pin into the hole and turn the nut counterclockwise.


5. If your grinder is no longer equipped with a factory-proven wrench, use a vise to loosen the tool nut.

Grab the nut with a vise clamp and then remove it by turning it counterclockwise.

6. After removing the knife shaft nut, lift the old angle grinder cutting disc.

Place the new angle grinder cutting disc in place. Reinsert the spindle nut and tighten it with a wrench or vise. It is not necessary to overtighten the knife nut. Simply tighten it enough to hold the cutting disc in place.


Final Thought

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