Benefits of using BINIC Roloc Sanding Disc

In manufacturing, successful machining depends on durable, sharp and well-maintained cutting tools to ensure speed, precision and quality.

The cubic boron nitride (BINIC) roloc sanding disc is very useful in machines and is suitable for projects that require a high degree of attention to detail. These wheels are made of cubic boron nitride, one of the hardest materials next to diamond.

BINIC Abrasives said: “These roloc sanding disc machines contain materials with high wear resistance and thermal conductivity that can maintain and provide sharp cutting edges – for projects that require a high degree of attention to detail, it is recommended to use BINIC roloc sanding disc.”

Compared to alumina abrasives, BINIC grains have twice the hardness, 55 times higher thermal conductivity and four times higher wear resistance. These roloc sanding disc machines are ideal for sanding high-speed alloy tools. Due to their cold cutting design, the cutting edge hardly causes thermal damage to the cutting edge. The sharp cutting edge is consistent and does not cause hardness loss, while the sanding amount is increased. Grinding efficiency downtime and reducing the time required to meter or replace the wheel.

After proper maintenance and maintenance, the BINIC sanding disc has an almost unlimited service life. Due to its high durability, it is the first choice for ordinary grain roloc sanding discs.

In addition to producing higher quality cutting edges, the use of BINIC roloc sanding discs for a variety of hardened cutting tools can also reduce overall sanding costs by 20% to 50% depending on your application. With almost no adjustments required, these machines require less downtime for any wheel maintenance.

When selecting a BINIC roloc sanding disc for tooling and cutting operations, the type of bonding, particle size and concentration should be considered when replacing any other alumina roloc sanding disc.

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