These spare parts and maintenance tips keep the abrasive water jet cutting machine running

Maintaining a spare part supply can make a difference between keeping the abrasive water jet cutting machine in production and closing the customer’s assembly line. Check out some tips on managing spare parts information and inventory to protect yourself and your company from expensive downtime.
Correct file
As time goes by, the device and the engraved serial number will gradually disappear. Store parts lists, blueprints, and copies of the operating manual in multiple locations so that technicians and accountants can access the information when they need it. It can be the difference between a “machine downtime” situation of several hours and a “machine downtime” situation of several weeks, because the replacement parts that are incorrectly selected must be awaiting a correct replacement.
Track your spare parts consumption
By monitoring the fastest-wearing parts in your abrasive water jet cutting machine, you can customize spare parts inventory as needed. Getting at least one of everything is an admirable goal, but you will need to store parts that will not be stored in the warehouse for many years and will rust before installation. Ask the abrasive grinding wheel manufacturers for the recommended spare parts kit so that you can accurately prepare the required spare parts without waiting for a return or overseas shipment. When taking parts from stock, remember to replenish your stock to prevent future downtime.
Preventive maintenance is the key
Another key factor in maintaining production rotation is the development of regular plans for preventive maintenance. By performing preventive maintenance on the abrasive water jet cutting machine, the service life and usability of the abrasive water jet cutting machine can be pushed to the limit.
If your spindle is about to turn, do you want to know ahead of time? This knowledge can save you expensive downtime, faster shipping costs and major repairs. Preventive maintenance access includes an electronic evaluation of the spindle that can be found to cause a spindle failure.

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