Diamond Blade Suppliers-Use Diamond Blades before Some Simple Requirements

1. When working, ensure that the workpiece is fixed, and the profile cutting tool is positioned in a straight line to avoid abnormal cutting. Do not apply side pressure or curve cutting. The feed should be smooth and avoid the damage of the workpiece caused by the impact of the workpiece in contact with the edge of the diamond polishing tool. Flying out of the accident.
2. During work, canberra diamond blade suppliers found abnormal sounds and vibrations. The cutting surface was rough or smelly. It was necessary to terminate the work immediately, check it in time, and troubleshoot it to avoid accidents.
3. When cutting, stop cutting from the beginning. Do not feed the diamond wire saw too fast to avoid broken teeth and damage.
4. If cutting aluminum or other metals, use a special coolant to prevent the blade from overheating, causing damage to the toothpaste, etc., which affects the quality of the cut.
5. Equipment flute and suction device ensure smooth flow of slag, prevent slag from accumulating into blocks, and affect the safety of producing hard alloy sharp saw blades.
6. Dry cutting of canberra diamond blade suppliers, do not cut continuously for a long time, so as not to affect the service life and cutting effect of the blade; when cutting the wet plate, water cutting should be added to prevent leakage.

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