Choose the right angle grinder wheel

The basic component of any welder’s toolbox is a decent angle grinder wheel. No tools are more versatile than angle grinder wheel. However, not all angle grinder wheel are equal. Therefore, trying to choose the right choice can be difficult. We will discuss some tips for choosing the right angle grinder wheel size.

Choose the right angle grinder wheel

Larger angle grinder wheel are better for bigger jobs

Many people don’t understand the size of the grinding disc, not the length of the entire machine. The larger grinding wheel of the grinding wheel is longer than the smaller one. However, this is because a larger handle is needed to control the wheel.

For example, the most common size is a 4.5 inch angle grinder wheel. It uses a 4.5 inch diameter wheel. The 7-inch angle grinder wheel uses a 7-inch disc, and so on. It is important to understand that larger sizes will use larger wheels. Wheel size is especially important for large jobs.

If you only occasionally use a grinding machine for odd cuts, then buying a smaller size angle grinder wheel works well. A 5-inch angle grinder wheel can cut a few feet of wood immediately. However, using the same angle grinder wheel on larger items (such as beams on a cutting deck) can quickly become cumbersome.

Larger wheels make cutting deeper

The size of the angle grinder wheel is especially important after considering the material. For example, a angle grinder wheel of any size can cut wood, although smaller angle grinder wheels encounter particularly thick debris. However, not all angle grinder wheel can handle durable materials such as stone and concrete. They are not only very strong, but they are also often thick.

For example, the width of a concrete slab can easily reach three inches. 4.5 The angle grinder wheel has a blade diameter of 4.5 inches. This means that the blade extends 2.25 inches toward the center in each direction. As a result, it is virtually impossible to cut through 4 inches of concrete. When deeper is required, choose a larger angle grinder wheel, such as a 9-inch angle grinder wheel. The blade of the angle grinder wheel extends 4.5 inches from the center.

Smaller grinding machines rotate at a faster speed

A small circle with a smaller circumference will rotate at a faster speed than a large circle with a larger circumference. In fact, it is not uncommon to see a 4.5-inch grinding machine with a maximum speed of more than 11,000 RPM, which gives these micro-grinding machines the power to cut and polish metal. This is why small angle grinder wheel are more susceptible to overheating than larger angle grinder wheel.

If a 7-inch angle grinder wheel rotates at 5,000 RPM while sanding the floor, its high design and slower speed produce less heat than a 4.5-inch angle grinder wheel at 10,000 RPM. Although higher speeds give the angle grinder wheel more power, it also makes the trouble easier. In fact, it is recommended that you purchase a small angle grinder wheel with an adjustable speed setting. Therefore, you will not always be working on the highest settings.

These are just a few of the tips for choosing the right angle grinder wheel size for your job. Choosing the right angle grinder wheel size is not as complicated as it seems. Small angle grinder wheel are ideal for small projects because their smaller discs and lighter weight make them easier to control. They also consume less energy and have a wireless variety. But just because they are small doesn’t mean they don’t work very well. Most small angle grinder wheel have a higher rotational speed than larger angle grinder wheel.

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