Cold iron abrasive media suppliers

Main feature
The frozen iron shot blast abrasive of abrasive media suppliers is a dense, hard, angular abrasive that is ideal for shot blasting of steel structures in shot blast chambers where they can be collected and reused.

What is cold iron abrasive of abrasive media suppliers?
The frozen iron abrasive is a high performance metal cast iron particle abrasive which is produced by crushing iron pellets into various sizes. Usually used in locker rooms or cabinets that can be effectively recycled.

The physical properties of frozen iron sand are sharp, angular, hard and brittle. When colliding with the substrate, the particles break up to form new sharp edges. This contributes to cold iron sand with fast cleaning and etching properties. The chilled blast media is particularly suitable for blasting applications that require high cutting speeds and angular profiles.

Popular grade cold iron blasting of abrasive media suppliers
G12-particle size -0.3 -0.71 mm
G17-particle size -0.42 -0.85 mm
G24-particle size -0.6 -1.00 mm
Example application of cooled iron spray media
Clean steel structures such as trailers, ships, bridges.
Advantages of frozen iron abrasives of abrasive media suppliers
Rapid cleaning rate
Hardness – average hardness greater than or equal to 57 HRC
Low dust content is good for the operator and minimizes dust pollution
Low total life cost, slow decomposition rate, and can be used multiple times

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