Concrete / Stone – Concrete Cutting Blades – Fiberglass Back Sheet

Designed for the grinding of concrete and the smoothing or smoothing of concrete surfaces. Suitable for marble, stone and concrete. A hard phenolic (glass fiber) backing for abrasive grinding applications.

The hard concrete cutting blades design provides more control when grinding corners and edges. Use wet or dry.

Also suitable for concrete preparation – cleaning, sanding, sanding floors and walls. Remove floor coatings – epoxy, glue, polyurethane, etc. Stone, brick and masonry. Non-ferrous metals, fiberglass.

Made of fiberglass scaffolds with multiple layers of abrasive. These concrete cutting blades have excellent grinding results and long service life.

Abrasive: silicon carbide

The concrete cutting blades is fiberglass supported. No pad is needed.
Technical indicators

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