Conventional 2 inch sanding disc application

(1) Grinding cylinders, cones and shoulders of shafts, sleeves and other types of parts with a resin grinding wheel on a cylindrical or general-purpose grinding machine.

(2) The end surface of the 2 inch sanding disc such as the outer peripheral surface of the resin 2 inch sanding disc or the bolt-fixing 2 inch sanding disc, the atmospheric pressure hole 2 inch sanding disc, the grooved 2 inch sanding disc, the porous 2 inch sanding disc, and the porous groove. The various planar parts of mechanical parts are surface-ground to meet the requirements of flatness, surface roughness and positional accuracy between each other. aircraft.

(3) Using the outer surface of the resin 2 inch sanding disc or resin 2 inch sanding disc, the inner hole grinding machine, the universal grinding machine or the special grinding machine, the through hole, the blind hole, the stepped hole, the tapered hole and the internal passage of the bearing with high surface quality requirements Internal grinding.

(4) Using a resin 7 inch sanding disc, a resin and a rubber guide 2 inch sanding disc on a centerless grinding machine, using a flexible positioning method, using the outer peripheral surface of the 2 inch sanding disc, the rotationally symmetrical centerless or outer surface is unintentional.

(5) Grind the threaded 2 inch sanding disc with a special resin 2 inch sanding disc. On thread grinding machines, threading of threads with high precision and surface roughness, threading of measuring parts, threading of measuring parts and threading of hardened parts. Such as thread, worm, tap, hob, gauge, etc. with taper thread, multi-start thread, parallel thread and other grinding.

(6) Gear grinding of the hardened gear on a gear grinding machine using an epoxy honing wheel and a double cone surface, a butterfly type, a double butterfly type, a worm type 2 inch sanding disc, and the like.

(7) Use a resin strong 2 inch sanding disc in tool grinding to cut tool materials with high hardness, high hardness, wear resistance, strength and toughness, such as carbon tool steel, alloy tool steel, high speed steel, hard alloy and so on. After the tool is ground to the required precision, surface roughness and correct geometry, the cutting edge has high sharpness and durability.

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