Cutting and abrasive discs are simple

As the name suggests, the abrasive disc is used to cut things. Either stubborn bolts, nails, separate welds that are no longer needed, or just need to be separated and redone.

In short, the abrasive disc is used to change the shape of the metal. Cut it off or cut a part of it. They are not made for great work. They roughen the surface and may require deburring and smoothing before the part is used in the final application.

BINIC offers many different abrasive discs for your various projects. As expected, they have almost any size or necessary configuration.

But which one is right for your application? Let’s start with the cream cake.

The BINIC abrasive disc is the ultimate abrasive disc. It is the longest-life high performance abrasive disc. The abrasive cut off wheel can be used in almost unlimited quantities, including high carbon steel and low carbon steel, ductile iron, cast iron, ceramics, masonry, etc., making it the most versatile abrasive disc. Proprietary industrial diamond pellets cut materials that cannot be cut by conventional abrasive discs.

Compared to conventional abrasive discs, this hub reduces vibration and sparking and allows for minimal debris and dust without harmful odors. Heavy duty steel backing helps eliminate abrasive disc breakage, cracking and catastrophic failure.

During the test, the 3-inch abrasive disc cuts 165 times the 5/8-inch thick stainless steel threaded rod section – 40 times more cutting than many high-performance ceramic abrasive discs.

There is also a cutting and gabrasive disc that can stop your downtime, as the number of times the abrasive disc is purchased is reduced over time and the operator’s downtime is reduced, so replacing the abrasive disc is actually a thing of the past.

It has a service life of 60 times that of a conventional abrasive disc and is double-sided, which greatly extends the service life when used as a abrasive disc.

Its design is less sensitive to the performance of the grinding machine, which means it delivers outstanding performance even with older grinders or lower speed grinders. The original abrasive discs are optimized for high torque tools only

The advantages are its high cutting rate, long life and cold running design.

The abrasive disc is produced using a proprietary abrasive matrix that can be quickly cut into mild steel, stainless steel, alloy steel and most ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It is designed for workpieces that use heat sensitive materials, reducing the possibility of heat damage to the workpiece.

It has a non-polluting structure and is therefore ideal for stainless steel and nuclear power in food processing plants.

This abrasive disc greatly reduces downtime due to switching the abrasive disc on the grinding machine. It cuts quickly and is easy to grind and finish the surface. It is ideal for steel and stainless steel, including pipe cutting, weld grinding and general metal finishing.

Like other products, we use aggressive abrasives to make them durable and backed by the safety and strength of multiple layers of fiberglass reinforcement.

The high-performance cutting discs in the Quinco zirconia can at least double the alumina abrasive flap disc at the fastest speed and last up to four times longer. It reduces cutting heat and reduces damage to the workpiece compared to conventional abrasive discs.

It has excellent speed and longevity, cutting low carbon steel, stainless steel, alloys and most ferrous metals.

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