Flexible abrasive cut off wheel – the best abrasive cut off wheel and abrasive cut off wheel series

The grinding product line produced by BINIC is the best cutting wheel and abrasive cut off wheel series on the market today. Why is it different?

First, this line is made from a mixture of its proprietary abrasive particles and bonding materials. This abrasive, known as synthetic resin technology, allows this series of abrasive flap disc to cut faster and longer than other abrasives on the market. The SRT abrasive particles are non-polluting, which means that the content of iron, sulfur or chlorine in the abrasive is less than 0.1%. These contaminants are the cause of frequent signs or discoloration after sanding/cutting. The binder in the blend gives the series a unique orange color while also providing the abrasive cut off wheels with increased strength and durability. In addition to strength and durability, the adhesive also reduces vibration during use, reducing operator fatigue and increasing efficiency.

The BINIC die is the hardest and sharpest abrasive grain on the market. In this way, these products can even penetrate and cut the hardest materials, including stainless steel and other high-strength alloys. Synthetic resin technology also provides better heat dissipation when used. This heat build-up is often the cause of discoloration of the cutting material. The sharp particles and heat dispersion give you excellent quality throughout the life of your abrasive cut off wheel.

The BINIC abrasive cut off wheel Product Line is the longest-lasting abrasive grinding wheel in the industry with the fastest cutting speed. This line has a long service life that allows the operator to work longer before the abrasive cut off wheel needs to be replaced. This reduces downtime and reduces the cost per cut.

Conventional and flexible abrasive cut off wheels as well as large diameter and high speed thin cutting wheels are available.
Proprietary engineering grain.
No pollution (Fe + S + Cl <0.1%)
Self-grinding: As the abrasive particles break, they expose a new cutting surface.
Excellent quality is done from start to finish.
Applications: Black and non-ferrous metals, including stainless steel and other high-strength alloys.

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