Mini Cut Off Wheel

Mini Cut Off Wheels

Binic Abrasive produce mini cut off wheel for customer. We have size from diameter 50mm(2”) until Diameter 76mm(3”),and the thickness from 1mm to 2mm. It is widely used in DIY and professional market.

  • It can be used on medium/high power angle machines, displaying the best performance.
  • It can be used under high stress working conditions with excellent abrasive performance and high stability.
Product Advantages:
  • Mini cut off wheels are used to cut general types of iron and steel with excellent performance and long working life.

Binic Mini Cut Off Wheel

The introduction of BINIC mini cut off wheel, made of high quality materials, has the best performance, long life and excellent cost per cut. This BINIC mini cut off wheel is substances used to smooth out or machine (to mold or finish by machinery) other softer materials through extensive rubbing. They work by scratching away the surface of materials in order to rid it of unwanted roughness or substances. Common examples include, pumice, sandpaper, emery, and sand. Each of these minerals has a different hardness, allowing for the completion of a particular task. Grit size of the mineral can be modified, with larger grit sizes well suited for finer detail work.

Is there a difference between cutting and grinding discs?

Yes, the thickness of the discs is different. Cutting discs are thinner than grinding discs to allow for a clean and precise cut. Grinding discs are generally thicker to allow for more wear and tear on the discs, especially when grinding stubborn materials.

Application On The Following Materials:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Steel
  • Aluminum Oxide
  • Inox
  • Various Others

Why Choose Binic?

BINIC is our own brand line, bringing you a variety of high quality, high value products, to provide you with more choices. Every part of each BINIC abrasive product has been tested to stringent industry standards and is trusted by engineers around the world; They will only be recognized by BINIC if we are confident of their superior quality, which means you can be confident too.



Size Type Application Specification Speed R.P.M Label Design
50x 1 x 6 T41 SS/S AS60 T-BF 80m/s 30600 Mini Cut Off Wheels
50 x 2 x 6 T41 SS/S AS60 T-BF 80m/s 30600
60 x 2 x 6 T41 SS/S AS60 T-BF 80m/s 30600
76x 1.2 x 10 T41 SS/S AS60 T-BF 80m/s 20300
76 x 2 x 6 T41 SS/S AS60 T-BF 80m/s 20300
50x 1 x 6 T41 G A60 T-BF 80m/s 30600
50x 2 x 6 T41 G A46 T-BF 80m/s 30600
60x 2 x 6 T41 G A46 T-BF 80m/s 30600
76x 1 x 10 T41 G A46 T-BF 80m/s 20300
76x 2x 6 T41 G A46 T-BF 80m/s 20300
  • OEM is 10,000pcs ; ODM is 20,000pcs (It is greatly appreciated if you can tell us the power of your cutting motor/hand held cutting machine/ and RPM so we can meet your specific requirements.)
  • As for grinding wheels, packages in the form of tin box, plastic box, color box, white box and brown box are available. And color box, single blister package and double package are available for diamond blades of smaller sizes.
  • Samples can be sent within one week and bulk order can be dispatched to you within 40 days.
After-sales service:
  • We provide customer with minimum 2- year warranty.
  • Our colleagues in Dubai and Austria can serve you immediately.
  • We provide customer with minimum 2-year warranty.
  • Spare parts can be sent either from our factory in China or warehouses in Dubai and Austria.
  • It is generally used to cut various types of iron and steel.
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