Die grinder grinding wheel

For users who are not working in the steel manufacturing industry, a large amount of abrasives for cutting, sanding, grinding, finishing and stripping metals may be numerous. This article aims to introduce DIY users who are engaged in metal projects to choose the best abrasive for their work. Since most manufacturers use angle grinders, which are the most versatile and portable power tools, this article focuses on tools specifically designed for angle grinders.

Cutting die grinder grinding wheel
If your goal is to cut through the metal, the die grinder grinding wheel is the best accessory for the angle grinder. The cutting blade is a consumable tool for angle grinders for cutting steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other metal alloys. Made of fiberglass reinforcement mesh, organic resin and abrasive, formed at high temperatures and pressures, some wheels cut faster than others. All components used in the manufacture of the grinding wheel and how they are manufactured affect the cutting rate and consumable life. Alumina and zirconia particles are the most popular and provide toughness and good performance for steel cutting.

The die grinder grinding wheel are available in different thicknesses, as well as the choice of grinding wheel type for steel 5-inch 125mm x 0.8mm metal cutting wheels. Sheet metal depends on the type, shape and thickness of the steel to be cut. For daily routine work on angled grinders on stainless steel or mild steel, choose a thickness of 1mm or 1.6mm on the disc. For items involving thin metals such as sheet metal, choose a 1.0mm or 0.8mm thin die grinder grinding wheel. These thinner discs will make the metal plate faster, so once done, it can reduce discoloration and reduce metal surface cleaning. For heavier steel cutting operations that require cutting a large amount of metal, choose a thickness of 1.6mm or 2.5mm cutting die grinder grinding wheel. However, it is important to note that thicker wheels cut at a slower rate and produce more friction and heat by cutting.

BINIC supplies INOX grade die grinder grinding wheel, which means they are iron-free (Fe), making them ideal for use on mild steel and stainless steel. They are available in 2″ 50mm / 2.5″ 60mm / 3″ 75mm / 4″ 100mm / 4.5″ 115mm / 5″ 125mm / 7″ 180mm / 9″ 230mm / 14″ 350mm / 16″ 400mm. We also sell cutting blades of various thicknesses to suit a variety of steel manufacturing projects. For example, in our popular 5 inch / 125 mm cutting wheel, we have 4 different thicknesses: 0.8 mm, 1.0 mm, 1.6 mm and 2.5 mm.

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The flaps are usually the best abrasive/grinding wheels for quick removal of blanks, deburring of welds, and the ability to grind, mix and finish a product. INOX grade flaps made of (blue/green) zirconia are ideal for use on mild steel and stainless steel. This is in contrast to other die grinder grinding wheel that use significantly lower (brown/red) alumina abrasives, which are also not suitable for processing on stainless steel. These zirconia (zirconia) flaps are designed to effectively cut abrasive particles as long as possible and then cleanly released to open fresh chips under the flaps, providing a more consistent finish and a uniform cutting rate.

Ribbon die grinder grinding wheel
This is the ideal angle grinder accessory for removing paint. These degreasers will thoroughly remove paint, epoxy and rust from the surface. The surface is then ready to be painted or painted. The die grinder grinding wheel is ideal for handling hard-to-clean surfaces quickly and efficiently. Poly Clean and Strip die grinder grinding wheel are made of abrasive-impregnated polyethylene fibers that remove paint or rust very quickly without damaging the original surface.

4″ 100mm clean and stripped polymer disc. Remove rust paint | Smith and arrows This is why Poly Strip Disc is different from other sanding/folding die grinder grinding wheel. The latter can also remove paint and rust, but it can also remove the original surface material. This makes them an excellent tool for removing paint or rust from automotive panels or any metal surfaces, and is also ideal for use on wood or fiberglass surfaces. They can also be used for stripping stainless steel.

BINIC supplies pulleys for coarse grinding wheel (purple) and medium grinding wheel (black) in dimensions of 3″ 75mm / 4″ 100mm / 4.5″ 115mm / 5″ 125mm / 6″ 150mm and 7″ 180mm.

Grinding die grinder grinding wheel
For all welds on low carbon steel, slotting, beveling and general heavy cutting, it is recommended to use a centered wheel that is pressed. These die grinder grinding wheel with alumina bonds are most effective on low carbon steel 125 mm 5 inch wheels or softer metals and are not suitable for stainless steel.

Alumina is the most commonly used abrasive in grinding wheels. Abrasive carbon steel, alloy steel, high speed steel, malleable cast iron, wrought iron, bronze and similar metal abrasives are usually selected.

Smith and ARROW supply die grinder grinding wheel at 3″ 71mm / 4″ 100mm / 4.5″ 115mm / 5″ 125mm / 7″ 180mm and 9″ 230mm.

Fiber sand tray
It is recommended to use zirconia fiber die grinder grinding wheel made of sandpaper die grinder grinding wheel for medium and light cutting of 125mm 5″ fiber sand disc light steel. Resin fiber disc is used on the pad of angle grinder for a wide range of applications. Range, from fine and rough sanding, hybrid welding, deburring and descaling. The fiber sandpaper tray is mounted on a suitable liner and used on an angle grinder.

Similar to the platter, the zirconia granule die grinder grinding wheel is suitable for most steels including stainless steel and is the ideal abrasive for almost all tasks and is significantly more durable than brown alumina die grinder grinding wheel – not for stainless steel. Choose 40 grit for aggressive grinding and then expand to 120 grit for fine polishing.

Ceramic die grinder grinding wheel are similar to grinding discs and are made of ceramic pellets for faster cutting speeds, lower grinding temperatures and longer service life. Despite the higher price, the die grinder grinding wheel has a significantly longer life and can maintain a super sharp tip that can cut very quickly under less stress.

Binic offers 40, 60, 80 and 120 grit zirconia fiber discs and is available in 4″ 100mm / 4.5″ 115mm / 5″ 125mm and 7″ 180mm.

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