Which Type of Flap Disc is Best?

The flap disc is usually the best flap disc for quick removal of abrasives, which can grind, mix and finish a product. The zirconia (or zirconium) abrasive belt (blue/green) is designed for low carbon steel and stainless steel and is ideal for most metals including stainless steel. Other baffles made using alumina abrasive tapes on the market are not suitable for stainless steel.

Why is the flap so effective?

The design of the flaps is critical to the effectiveness of their effective material removal. The abrasive particles must be attached in such a way that they adhere to the fabric for as long as possible – helping to effectively remove the material being processed, but when that portion of the abrasive particles are exhausted, it will fall cleanly exposing the fresh bottom cover The new abrasive material on it begins to work on the surface at hand.

The design of the flaps allows the backing of the outer edge of the flap disc for aluminum to wear when using abrasive particles in the product area. This causes new particles to be exposed, which is a feature that the flap disc for aluminum provides a more consistent finish and uniform cutting rate than other types of conventional abrasives.

Compared to bonded abrasives such as flap disc for aluminum, the beater disc also features less cooling, less gouging and less burn. Another key design aspect of a well-designed flap disc for aluminum is that the support plate needs to stop about 5 mm from the outer edge to allow the flip to extend. This provides two important advantages. First, it makes the edges of the tool thinner/thinner, allowing the user to enter a narrow space when needed. Second, it gives users the flexibility to make finer blends for smoother work.

Type of flap

flapper can be applied to the workpiece at an angle or flat angle. The shape of the flaps, whether conical/concave center or flat , has different performance characteristics. The conical disc has a small bevel down and away from the center of the flap disc for aluminum, making it ideal for fast movement and aggressive removal of blanks – providing users with a comfortable angle, while the flat disc is ideal for mixing and fine machining.

conical disc

flap disc-Abrasive Tool

flat disc

Aluminium Oxide – Metal Grinding

Best flap disc for aluminum abrasive

Perhaps the most important criterion is the type of abrasive on the flap and the appropriate particle size. For metalworking, there are three main types of abrasives:

1. Alumina

Aluminium Oxide – Metal Grinding


This type of grain does not last long and is recommended for small projects that require stable, low cost products. This type of grain is best suited for alloy steels and low alloy steels – these flap disc for aluminum cannot be used in stainless steel because they contain iron (Fe).

2. Zirconia

Zirconia Aluminium – Stainless Steel & Metal


Zirconia provides a very good cutting cost/cost ratio. This type of grain is best suited for high alloys, stainless steel and heat treated steel. High-strength non-ferrous metals. This is the favorite grain for metal processors and DIY users.

3. Ceramics

Ceramic Aluminium Oxide Stainless Steel & Metal


Despite its high price, this grain offers the fastest cutting speed and the best use of the entire grain for the longest life, especially on stainless steel or high alloy materials.

silicon carbide

Silicon Carbide – Stone Grinding


Others include silicon carbide (also known as silicon carbide), which is best suited for marble, stone, glass and non-ferrous metals. This material is ideal for surface treatment and polishing of all metals.

If you are looking for the best flap disc for aluminum for grinding and finishing all types of steel, the zirconia (Zirconium) flap is a popular and proven flap disc for aluminum that can be quickly completed at a reasonable cost.

BINIC Abrasives are available in 40, 60, 80, 120 grit zirconia flaps. We offer these sandpaper sheets at 2″ 50mm, 4″ 100mm, 4.5″ 115mm, 5″ 125mm, 7″ 180mm for rotary and angle grinders.

Zirconia Aluminium Stainless Steel & Metal Flap Disc


  • Work on steel, stainless steel(inox), weld seams, chamfering, surface grinding on steel.


Image Inch Metric(mm) Type Grit
Zirconia Aluminium – Stainless Steel & Metal 4”x5/8” 100×16 T27/29 ZA40-120#
4.5”x7/8” 115×22.2 T27/29 ZA40-120#
5”x7/8” 125×22.2 T27/29 ZA40-120#
6”x7/8” 150×22.2 T27/29 ZA40-120#
7”x7/8” 180×22.2 T27/29 ZA40-120#

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