Fine grinding wheel

BINIC presents a new sturdy fine grinding wheel for hard and difficult grinding processes featuring a fiberglass lining that combines high performance abrasive particles with a special clamping system.

This fine grinding wheel should be used with a special clamping flange set. The unique clamping system can be used flat between 5 and 15 degrees and optimizes the use of available abrasives.

The fine grinding wheel can be used in commercial angle grinders.

The innovative high-strength layer structure of the fiberglass backing guarantees
The same ruggedness and safety as the reinforced grinding wheel.

The BINIC fine grinding wheel meets all the safety requirements of the enhanced sanding wheel required by EN 12413, especially the lateral load test. Noise and vibration are reduced by 50% and dust is reduced by 80%. Thanks to the special clamping system, the fine grinding wheel can be optimally aligned and can therefore be used particularly flat and efficiently.


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