Diamond grinding disc for metal

Diamond grinding disc for metal

Designed for 125mm (5”) angle grinders, it can be electric or cordless. The truly unique high-performance diamond grinding disc for metal is changing the way workers grind metal. From traditional grinding discs to modern high-performance alternative grinding wheels.

The close-up shots look completely different. You will immediately notice that the three layers and the linings are stacked together to create a very unique look. The diamond grinding disc for metal makes your hands feel light and comfortable to operate. Incredibly, all three layers are designed for grinding, including linings. When you grind the wheel, you provide consistent performance and a high level of cut as you traverse each layer. The ceramic particles used in each layer provide a self-sharpening structure for longer lasting performance and burr removal.

The first thing you will notice when using a diamond grinding disc for metal is low noise and improved the feel of metal grinding. In contrast, the classic style of resin bonded diamond grinding disc for metal is very noisy and vibrates more through the angle grinder. This three-layer disc is undoubtedly making grinding more interesting. Faster deburring and a better overall finish, the grinding effect is impressive. Reduce the number of rotations and possibly reduce the process of completing the same work. BINIC uses a metal cutting wheel to raise the grinding to another level. Ideal for any workshop or businessman. Safer to use, less noisy, less dust, less vibration and more waste removal.

Fast benefit

– Faster stock / metal removal

– Longer service life – doubles service life compared to other leading aluminium cutting discs

-3 layers of ceramic abrasives can be processed layer by layer to improve performance

– 50% reduction in noise and vibration compared to standard grinding wheels

– Reduce dust by 70%

– Higher surface finish than standard diamond grinding disc for metal

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