What makes the abrasive cutting discs better than other products?

Many different companies boast of the performance of their abrasive cutting discs, but often cannot support them. Of course, as a consumer, it is difficult to know which abrasive cutting discs you should trust.

We believe that you should know why you really make one abrasive cutting discs better than another. Read on to learn more about how the grains and binders used in abrasive manufacturing affect their performance, then check out the results of our own competitor tests.

The abrasive cutting discs is usually composed of two distinct main components – the actual grain being cut, and the adhesive that holds the grains together and provides support during cutting.

Most abrasive cutting discs are made of alumina granules, but the difference in branding is the use of filler granules, rather than uniform – uniform for better cutting and longer life. Abrasive cutting discs with filler particles are more susceptible to cracking or leave an uneven finish in the work.

Bonding the abrasive particles together can make the tool cut correctly… or disappoint you and do half the work.

Abrasive cutting discs bonding can be divided into “hard” or “soft”. The choice of bonding should be directly related to the type of work performed. Abrasive cutting discs with high strength bonding are used for high power machines as well as smaller or narrower surfaces. This is an example of our hard-bonding wheel. The soft bond abrasive cutting discs can be used for jobs that require quick stock clearance, hard materials or large contact areas. Click here to view the abrasive cut off wheels.

Hard keys prevent the separation of the die, making it wear more slowly, while the soft keys do not last that long and require more frequent replacement. However, the quality of the bond has a large impact on abrasive cutting discs performance. Too hard, the abrasive cutting discs will not last and break; too soft, after a limited cut, the abrasive cutting discs will wear out.

Now that you know the factors that determine the performance of the abrasive cutting discs, we want to see how our 1/4-inch abrasive cutting discs has soft adhesion and uniform granules, how to overlap with our competitor’s four similar abrasive cutting discs.

The result speaks for itself:

Our abrasive cutting discs last longer and can remove more material faster and with less wear. Better adhesives, uniform grades – all of which combine to give you the performance you deserve.

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