How to cut metal with aluminium cutting discs

The aluminium cutting discs works the same as a miter aluminium cutting disc or a truncated saw, but the aluminium cutting disc is not fixed to the cutting base.

This provides complete freedom of cutting motion, enabling straight and smooth curved cuts with bare hands.

As with most power tools, the price of the model will vary depending on other features added to improve the user experience.

Occasionally using a standard base model will be sufficient to perform metal cutting applications, but for more frequent or powerful projects, it is worth investing in heavy models.

When cutting a metal with a aluminium cutting disc, it is important to ensure that it has a closed motor casing to protect the motor from metal chips.

Metal aluminium cutting disc

Hold the aluminium cutting discs with both hands to support and guide the aluminium cutting discs through the workpiece. The saw is always used in a “push-open” motion, the rear of the aluminium cutting discs is covered by a shroud that moves according to the position to surround the top of the blade of the aluminium cutting disc. Covered with a fixed protective cover. Most models have an extra handle that allows for optimal hand positioning during operation and the rail system can be aligned with the cutting line.

Choosing the right aluminium cutting discs is important to maintain safety and ensure accurate cutting. Use only aluminium cutting discs and discs specified for cutting metal. These professional aluminium cutting discs are ideal for cutting aluminum, copper, lead and other non-ferrous metals. These diamond cutting sheets will make the work of cutting stainless steel a breeze.

Aluminium Cutting Wheel

Aluminium Cut Off Wheel


aluminium cutting disc used on angle grinder.

Fast cutting for various materials with Minimum friction and low-calorie output, to reduce the pollution of the material.

With excellent cutting performance and super-long service life for the application.

Product advantage:

Super-long durability.

High-speed cutting.

No need to change the wheels even for different material’s cutting.

Comfortable cutting experience.

The technique of cutting metal with aluminium cutting disc bunnings.


  • In addition to protecting standard safety equipment such as eyes, hands and ears, it is also recommended to wear long sleeves to protect the skin from high temperatures and sharp metal shavings that fly off the aluminium cutting discs at high speed.
  • Before connecting the saw to the power supply, select the correct aluminium cutting discs for the project and adjust the settings for the aluminium cutting disc to ensure that all fittings and accessories are properly aligned and tightened. The cutting depth of the aluminium cutting discs should not exceed 1/4 inch (6 mm) of the thickness of the metal.
  • Cut the line with a marker or a scored scratch and securely hold the workpiece with the clamp. Make sure there is a gap on the underside of the aluminium cutting discs, or if not, mount the metal on the rail or across the two harnesses.
  • Connect the power supply and align the aluminium cutting discs with the recommended cutting line without touching the aluminium cutting discs to the metal edge. Use the cutting rails for assistance. Slowly press the trigger to start the aluminium cutting discs. Once the aluminium cutting discs accelerates, carefully slide the aluminium cutting discs into the metal – do not rush or forcibly cut it, just let the aluminium cutting discs work.
    The saw is periodically cut during the cutting process to reduce heat and clean the cut.
  • After the cutting is completed, disconnect the power to the saw. Do not touch the cutting edges or the aluminium cutting discs after cutting as they can be hot and cause burns.

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