How to store the polycarbide abrasive wheel

Due to the high safety and performance requirements of the polycarbide abrasive wheel, the following points should be noted when storing and storing the polycarbide abrasive wheel:

1. The external environment should be kept dry and ventilated, and the temperature change is small. The room temperature should not be lower than 5 degrees. Ceramic bonded wheels should not be placed in wet or frozen areas. The resin bonded polycarbide abrasive wheel cannot be in contact with acid and alkali, and the two polycarbide abrasive wheels and the rubber bonded polycarbide abrasive wheel cannot be in contact with the oil.

2. Can not be stacked at random, should be stored in the appropriate brackets and cabinets according to specifications. At the same time, vibration should be avoided and detailed parameters such as polycarbide abrasive wheel specifications should be stored in an orderly manner depending on the shape, material, size and particle size of the polycarbide abrasive wheel. To avoid confusion.

3. The stacking height of the resin polycarbide abrasive wheel and the rubber abrasive flap disc should not exceed 200 mm, and an iron plate should be placed at the bottom and the top to prevent the polycarbide abrasive wheel from being broken and deformed.

4. Thin-blade polycarbide abrasive wheels with sharp edges should be stacked together and separated by spacers (softboard that can hold a certain strength, such as cardboard or foam) at each polycarbide abrasive wheel interval.

5. Since the polycarbide abrasive wheel of diamond asphalt (magnesium) binder can absorb moisture in the air, special attention should be paid to the maintenance of the polycarbide abrasive wheel to prevent heat and erosion.

6. Rubber binders, rhombohedral binders and resin binders should not be left for too long, otherwise aging problems may occur due to changes in chemical composition. Rubber and resin binders usually have a shelf life of less than one year. It must be re-examined before use.

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