Common type of australian abrasive minerals

1. Abrasive belt:

The abrasive belt is an annular coated australian abrasive minerals. It is mounted on a belt grinding machine for high speed grinding. Therefore, it is called a soft australian abrasive minerals. The main difference between a tape and a tape is that the former is paper based and the latter is cloth.

2. Sand ring:

The sand ring is actually a small abrasive belt made of a screw joint method, which consists of two layers of substrate and one piece of abrasive cloth. The inner layer is treated cloth or paper and the outer layer is abrasive cloth or sandpaper for grinding. It is used directly on tools called “flattening”.

3. Sand disc:

Also known as steel paper grinding wheels, australian abrasive minerals, high-speed grinding wheels, etc., is a wafer made by bonding high-strength steel paper (ie, vulcanized fiber) with a synthetic resin as a binder and bonding the artificial abrasive to a substrate. Painted with abrasive tools.

4. Page wheel:

The wheel-coated australian abrasive minerals article is made of a rectangular abrasive cloth (paper) block, one end of which is fixed to the central shaft or flange.

5. Waterproof sandpaper:

Also known as water sandpaper or water sandpaper, it is named for its ability to be immersed in water or polished in water. Water-resistant sandpaper is based on water-resistant paper or treated water-resistant paper and is coated with paint or resin. An abrasive tool made of corundum or silicon carbide abrasive is firmly adhered to the substrate and has a sheet shape and a roll shape.

6. Dry sandpaper:

An abrasive tool that uses paper animal glue as a binder to adhere an artificial or natural abrasive to a substrate. Because it is commonly used for polishing and polishing woodwork, it is also known as wood sandpaper. The beginning of the grinding tool is mainly in the form of a sheet and a roll.

7. Dry scrubbing cloth:

A coated abrasive based on cotton and using animal glue as a binder. It is the main product of coated abrasives, accounting for more than 80% of production.

8. Cut pieces:

The inside of the grinding tool is equipped with a glass fiber mesh resin grinding wheel with high tensile, impact and bending strength. It has the advantages of high cutting efficiency, good safety and low price. It is widely used in building materials processing, metal rods and pipe cutting.

9. Shaped grinding wheel:

Also known as a high speed grinding disc, a multi-layer fiber resin grinding wheel made of fiber fabric is used as a reinforcing material. It is primarily installed on high-speed portable grinders for cleaning welds, welds, burrs, burrs and metal surface defects. It is a highly efficient grinding wheel that can be freely ground. The speed of use is above 70-80m / s.

10. Felt wheel:

That is, the wool polishing wheel is called a wool wheel. A glass polishing wheel used in the final process of glass polishing. It can be used to eliminate scars and brighten, and can also be used as one of the combination polishing wheels to eliminate scratches on the shallow surface of the glass. The wool polishing wheel has good physical properties, strong tensile strength and high degree of hardening. The appearance is pure white, soft and hard to the touch, and has a certain elasticity. The characteristics of the glass polishing wheel are high polishing brightness → fast polishing speed → good chemical activity → no scratch on the glass → no pollution to the environment → strong adhesion.

11. Diamond saw blade:

The raw material is a high-speed cutting tool composed of fine steel, alloy powder and industrial diamond. Widely used in the stone processing industry.

12. Bolt grinding wheel:

It is commonly used in the grinding industry, such as cars, tractors and bearings. Features: Surface grinding process. Different shapes of grinding tools, such as atmospheric pressure silicon carbide grinding wheel and slotted grinding wheels, can greatly improve the grinding performance of the grinding wheel.

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