What is Industrial Brush?

What is Industrial Brush?

The industrial brush is new products that are upgraded and improved on the basis of civilian brushes. The main use is for cleaning, dust removal and polishing during industrial production.

Four Uses of Industrial Brushes

1. The main purpose of dust removal brushes and dust brushes is to be installed at the inlets and outlets of industrial equipment, assembly lines, doors and windows and other components to prevent dust from drilling through these gaps and contaminating equipment and products. Therefore, the requirements for brushing are: It has high elasticity, the surface of the brush wire is better lubricated, and it is better to have antistatic function.

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2. The polishing brush is mainly used for deburring, fine grinding and other treatments on the surface of the thrown object, so the types and characteristics of the brush wire should be determined according to different requirements. If it is a relatively hard steel plate, it needs to be electroplated and polished. Yes, the most ideal brush wire should be bronze wire. If it is a general metal material for surface derusting and deburring, then a harder steel wire can be used;

3. The cleaning brush is the most commonly used industrial roller brush. It is generally used for the deep processing of agricultural and sideline products, fruits and vegetables, and general cleaning and dust removal in the industry. The requirements for the brush wire are better wear resistance and high elasticity. Anti-corrosion and aging, it is not easy to deform for a long time operation. If the brush performance is not good, when the object is placed in a certain position for a long time, it will cause grooves in the brush roller, which will destroy the function of the roller brush, which can even cause serious damage. The brush roller is scrapped;

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4. Abrasive brushes are rarely used. Generally, industrial abrasives are directly completed with abrasive tools such as grinding wheels. These are not in the scope of industrial brushes. However, for the textile industry brushing, abrasives containing silicon carbide are used The mesh number (density) of the silicon carbide contained in the wire brush roller and the abrasive wire should be appropriately adjusted with the strength of the fabric to be ground and the effect to be ground.

Application Range of Industrial Brush

  • Hardware, building materials industry. In fact, the brush also belongs to the industry category of hardware tools, so its use in this industry is self-evident. Specifically, the brush products used in the hardware building materials industry include iron brushes, nylon polishing brushes, other material polishing brushes, wire brush rollers, spring brush rollers, brick and brick machine brushes, color tile machine brushes, Burner plate brush and so on. In some cases, abrasive wire brush rollers containing silicon carbide or alumina are used to deburr and sand the surface of castings or inverted molds.
  • Glass manufacturing. This is one of the industries where industrial brushes are widely used. Glass brushes for industrial manufacturing, such as industrial brushes, edging brushes, PP, PU, ​​PVC, PVA absorbent sponge rollers. Glass cleaning machine brush roller, the general selection is 45 # round steel as the roller, nylon bristles, if you need to add acid cleaning glass cleaning line, you must use all stainless steel brush roller, this can prevent corrosion, generally use a strip brush machine It is made into strip brushes and then spirally welded on the roller. The suction roller is made of high-density hydrophilic molecular sponge, which has good water absorption performance and fast drying. It is used to quickly and completely dry the water droplets on the glass surface.
  • Textile processing industry. It can be said that the textile processing industry has always been a large user of industrial brushes. The brush products used in this industry include setting machine brush wheels, sander brushes, bristle brushes, combing brushes, brown brushes, spinning frame brushes, microdermabrasion brushes, and polishing cloth wheels.
  • Ceramic processing industry. The main use is a glaze brush. The general manufacturing material is a solid wood core with a white or black plastic brush on the periphery. The glaze brush is generally used to glaze the surface of tiles and other ceramic products. In addition, other polishing brushes are also used.
  • Leather and footwear industry. Generally, brushes are used for polishing, waxing and oiling of leather and uppers. The common products are small cloth wheels, horsehair, sisal and other brush wheels.
    Steel tile manufacturing. It requires a brush to remove the rust and polish the surface of the steel sheet, so it requires nylon with higher hair hardness.
  • Cigarette processing industry. A brush roller made of nylon bristles is used to sweep the tobacco leaf into a thin layer and then flow it to the production line for drying.
  • Wood industry and furniture industry. Generally speaking, brushes are mainly used for polishing in the wood and furniture industries. The main products are polishing brushes, sanding machine brushes, sealing strip brushes, painting machine brushes, and drawing machine brushes. It is made of antistatic nylon brush wire to remove dust on the surface of wooden floors, furniture, etc. The brush wire must not be electrostatically charged, so that the vacuum equipment can effectively remove the brushed dust. In addition, abrasive wire brushes containing silicon carbide and alumina are widely used in the polishing of wood and furniture industries.
  • it. The brushes used in this industry generally require anti-static. Brush rollers made of special brush wires are often used to clean integrated electrical boards, electronic components, and conduct static electricity.
  • Metal processing industry. Commonly used brushes and brush rollers are volcanic ash brush rollers, steel plate pickling brush rollers, shot blasting machine brushes; paper packaging machinery brushes, plate printing machinery brushes, PVC plate brushes, plastic plate brushes, and wire plate brushes. There are also some metal sheet pickling and scrubbing, which are used for pre-treatment of metal sheet and are mainly equipped with deep processing equipment.
  • Doors and windows, escalator manufacturing. Generally, strip brushes are installed on movable doors and windows, revolving doors, smooth doors and escalators to block dust. In addition, buses, subways, trains, etc. are equipped with corresponding strip brushes to prevent dust and dust.
  • Environmental protection and sanitation. The main products are road sweeper brushes, sewage treatment brushes, scrubber brushes, and computer car wash brushes. Scrubbers for floor scrubbers and disk sweepers for sanitation vehicles are generally made of high-strength plastic brushes to clean dirt on the ground. Strip brushes on sewage treatment equipment are used to isolate solid objects in sewage.
  • Agriculture, food deep processing industry. In the industrial production of fruits and vegetables, nylon brush rollers are used to clean various fruits, carrots and other agricultural crops. The brushes are required to resist pressure and have good elasticity, but they must not scratch the fruits and vegetables. The bristles are made of nylon temperature-resistant antibacterial brush wire, which has the characteristics of temperature resistance and antibacterial. The wire is made of stainless steel. The roller is made of stainless steel. 5. Fruits are mechanically cleaned and peeled before being kept fresh to remove pesticide residues. Conventional products include brushes for vegetable cutters, brushes for meat cutters, brushes for mushroom washing machines, hair brushes for peeling and peeling machines, hair brushes for fruit washing machines, brushes for beans and garlic peeling machines, and oil presses brush.

The Main Material of The Brush

  1. The elasticity of PBT wire is better than that of nylon brush wire, but the abrasion resistance is not as good as 610. The performance of PBT is soft. It is most suitable for cleaning and decontamination of fine parts, such as automobile surface cleaning.
  2. Nylon 610 (PA66, PA6) brush wire has good abrasion resistance, high temperature and acid and alkali resistance, good elasticity, and is suitable for brushing parts in household dust removal and cleaning, Industrial Brush such as vacuum cleaner roller brushes, brush rollers, and brushes Platform, etc.
  3. Nylon 612 or nylon 1010 has the best elasticity and the highest cost, but the wear resistance is not as good as 610. The appearance has a better performance. The impact resistance and aging resistance are also very good. It is most suitable for industrial equipment and doors and windows. unit;
  4. Polypropylene (PP) brush wire has properties such as resistance to acid and alkali, but its elasticity is not very good. It is easy to deform and difficult to recover after long-term work. Car sweeping brushes, etc .;
  5. PE wire is the softer brush wire of several types of brush wire, which is often used in automobile cleaning brushes, plus the raising process, which is convenient for the protection of automobile paint;
  6. Bristle is often used for the polishing of bath brushes or precious objects, such as the surface treatment of goldware, precious stones, pianos, etc., and it is also suitable for polishing and grinding of hard alloys;
    Horse hair is softer than bristles, and it is easier to remove floating ash. It is often used in high-end household cleaning products, or for industrial removal of floating ash.
  7. Metal wire such as steel wire, copper wire, is generally used for deburring of metal surface, etc., and its wear resistance is good;
  8. Abrasive nylon wire (divided into silicon carbide abrasive wire, alumina abrasive wire, diamond abrasive wire), has good abrasion resistance and acid and alkali resistance. It is often used in PCB surface treatment, galvanized sheet pickling line, and metal processing. Used for polishing and deburring;
  9. Sisal brush wire has good toughness, high temperature resistance, grease absorption, and is often used for pot brushing or high temperature, oil removal and other purposes.
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