What Kind of Cut Off Wheel for Aluminum?

What Kind of Cut Off Wheel for Aluminum?

What Kind of Cut Off Wheel for Aluminum, The aluminum plate is cut with a resin cutting sheet.

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How to Choose Aluminum Cutting Wheel?

In order to ensure the efficiency of cutting aluminum profiles, we must not only consider the cost issue in the selection of the cutting blades, but also strictly control the selection criteria of the cutting disc. We can choose from a series of parameters such as the diameter, number of teeth, and aperture of the cutting wheel

1. Selection of cutting disc diameter

In the case of the same thickness, the diameter of the blade determines the output of the cutting, and the output is small when the diameter is small. On the other hand, the diameter is large and the output is high. The outer diameter of the cutting wheel can be selected according to the diameter of the circular saw. Generally speaking, the cutting wheel diameter range is 50mm-400mm.

2.Choose the diameter of cutting wheel

Aperture is a relatively simple parameter, which is mainly selected according to the requirements of the equipment. However, in order to maintain the stability of the cutting blade, it is best to choose a device with a larger aperture for cutting blades above 250MM.

The diameter of the current standard parts is more than 20MM, 120-230MM is mostly 25.4MM, and more than 250 is more than 30.Some imported equipment also has 15.875MM, and the mechanical aperture of multi-saw saws is relatively complicated. With keyway to ensure stability.

Regardless of the size of the hole, it can be transformed by a lathe or a wire cutting machine. The lathe can be placed in a large hole with a car washer, and the wire cutting machine can be expanded to meet the requirements of the equipment.

3.Choosing the thickness of the cutting wheel

The thickness of the cutting wheel is a consumable for the sawing user. It is hoped that the thinner the better, but some materials are not suitable for the thin cutting wheel. Instead, it will increase the cost of the cutting wheel consumables. Therefore, the choice of thickness is also based on the actual material selection.

For example, especially thin materials such as thin-walled tubes, relatively thin cutting blades are used, because this will not easily deform the material and affect the cutting quality; the thickness of the ultra-thin cutting disk is 0.8mm. 1mm thickness, 1.6mm

4.Cut Off Wheel for Aluminum

And the general ordinary extrusion profile can be sawed with the conventional cutting wheel, because the conventional cutting wheel can still meet the ordinary profile cutting; the thickness of the conventional cutting wheel is 1-3mm

For particularly thick plates and bars, die-casting parts of automobile parts, etc., the strength of the steel plate of the conventional cutting wheel can not meet the sawing requirements, which will cause the cutting wheel to be less durable. In contrast, the thickness of this type of cutting wheel can be appropriate Thicker, so that the cutting wheel is more durable, which reduces consumable costs. The thickness of this type of cutting wheel is more than 3mm

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