New 4 grinder wheels with best performance

The 4 grinder wheels, 4 inches (107 x 1.0 x 16 mm), is a new research 4 grinder wheels with a thickness of 1.0 mm and lighter weight. New 4 grinder wheels 107×1.0x16mm

The 4 grinder wheels can be used to cut metal steel and stainless steel.

The performance of the 4 grinder wheels 4″ is as follows

During the cutting process, it can complete a cut on a 16mm stainless steel solid rod in 3 seconds. It can cut 45 cuts on a 16mm stainless steel solid rod before use.

The performance of the ordinary 4 grinder wheels 4″ is as follows:

1: thickness is above 1.2mm

2: During the cutting process, the normal 4 inch grinder wheels107x1.2x16mm will take about 6 seconds to complete the cutting of the 16mm stainless steel solid rod.

3: On a 16mm stainless steel solid rod, the service life of a conventional 4 grinder wheels 107×1.2x16mm is about 35 cuts.

Compared to conventional 4 grinder wheels, the new research cutting wheel is 4 inches (107×1.0x16mm) with the following special advantages:

1: higher efficiency and faster cutting speed;

2: High durability and long service life.

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