Norton abrasives australia storage and handling

The handling and storage of coated norton abrasives australia is sometimes negligible. It is generally believed that norton abrasives australia are not protected from rain, heat, cold and rough, but this is not the case.

Usually, no proper space is left to properly store the norton abrasives australia. The ideal storage room is where all walls are cut off, not on any exterior wall of the building. The norton abrasives australia should be kept away from windows and any direct heat sources. It is recommended that all users with a large inventory of norton abrasives australia use air-conditioned rooms.

Coated norton abrasives australia (and associated norton abrasives australia) should not be stored on concrete floors or in any wet locations. If the norton abrasives australia is to be stored for a long period of time, it is highly recommended to store it in its original packaging or container. The already wrapped belt should be rolled up and finally stored on the shelf.


Relative humidity is an important factor in the transport and storage of coated norton abrasives australia. The optimum conditions are in the range of 60° to 80°F (70° is ideal) or 18° to 26°C, and the relative humidity is 35% to 50% (ideally 45%).

Once the relative humidity changes, problems arise. An example of such a change is that the temperature of the heating room drops by 10% to 15% at the beginning of the heating season. At the other extreme, relative humidity rises to 80% or higher after prolonged rain or foggy weather. Coated norton abrasives australia typically do not have enough time to adapt to changing conditions during the transition, so their performance is unsatisfactory.

If the relative humidity increases, the moisture content of the backing and the adhesion of the norton abrasives australiawill also increase. Productivity and output rates have fallen. For adhesive products, the reduction can be between 50% and 100%; for resin bonded norton abrasives australia, the reduction can be as high as 25%.

Coated norton abrasives australia backings (paper, cloth, fibers) respond differently to humidity changes than adhesive materials (resin or glue). Therefore, the shape of the backing material changes at a different speed than the bonding material. This difference results in an overall deformation of the shape of the norton abrasives australia. A higher relative humidity causes the coated norton abrasives australia to curl (curly) upwardly toward the side of the grit in a recessed manner. Lower relative humidity can cause the product to curl (bend/arc) in a raised manner. In addition, the moist air can cause the lining to become “relaxed”, which can lead to creases, loads and premature sand loss (especially on glued products). Low humidity can cause the product to become brittle and inflexible.

Belt handling

Abrasive belts, especially wide belts, should be removed from the original packaging 24 hours prior to use. During this time, the belt should be hung from a special adjustment bracket near the machine to be operated. This period will ensure that the belt has been adapted to ambient temperature and humidity conditions and remove any “condensate” from the package from the package. For wide belts, this adjustment is critical. You can use a horizontal wall bracket hangar (you can also use a 4-inch diameter wooden pin), covered with cardboard or other non-metallic core, preferably at least 4 inches in diameter and at least 4 inches from the shelf to build these frame. wall. Using a too narrow hanger core can damage the bond or backing of the belt.

Bonded norton abrasives australia storage

Bonded norton abrasives australia should be stored in their original packaging, placed on a shelf or placed in a cabinet, away from direct hot and humid sources. They should not hang on the hang plate as this allows the heat and humidity to fluctuate access to the wheels to increase the integrity of the wheel and will be compromised on both sides of the opportunity.


Use any aluminium oxide abrasive, coating or adhesive and follow all normal safety precautions. These may include wearing safety glasses or a mask to ensure that the mechanical guard is intact, using a dust collection system, wearing gloves, etc. If you are not properly protected and the machine is not properly protected, norton abrasives australia items can hurt you!

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