BINIC Grinding Discs brings you an exceptionally fast-cutting and long-lasting rigid bonded wheel for heavy weld removal and other heavy-duty grinding applications. This grinding disk works well on almost all materials and is specially formulated for use on stainless steel, mild steel, and aerospace alloys.
Silicon carbide grinding wheel manufactured by BINIC offer a perfect combination of great performance and work experience. They are widely used in grinding different materials. And different product lines are available to meet needs of different customers.

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BINIC, one of the largest Grinding Wheel Manufacturers in China, has been involved in abrasive wheels manufacturing over 17 years. Our bulk grinding wheels for sale is mainly designed for various grinding machines and abrasive machining operations. They are categorized by their different applications and purposes, widely used in processing metal, steel, stainless steel, stone, and so on.
  • OEM/ODM Service Offered. MOQ: 10000PCS
  • Factory Outlet: BINIC
  • Grinder Material: Silicon Carbide;  Calcined Aluminum Oxide; Aluminum Oxide; Ceramic Aluminum; Zirconium Aluminum; Calcined Aluminum Oxide with Coating; or Custom.
  • Size: Standard or Customized
  • Grinding Disc Types: T27(Depressed)
  • Types: Metal Grinding Disc, Aluminum Grinding Wheel, Stone Grinding Disc,stainless steel grinding wheel.
With the superior quality& high performance, our best surface grinding disc welcomes to our customers-grinding wheels wholesalers, suppliers, distributors, factory&project from more than 120 counties. Interested in buy bulk grinding disc for sale, contact us now!