Sanding Supplies-Which Sander is right for me?

Sanding supplies have a wide variety of sanders, all of which are designed to polish flat surfaces. Although most power tools require pumping, sanders are essential over time, but inhaling dust can seriously damage your health.

Track Sanders from sanding supplies
Often referred to as “finishing” or “flaky” sanders, they come in a variety of sizes and are known as Palm, Third-Sheet or Half-Sheet. The triangular version used for sanding in very narrow spaces is called a sander. The orbital motion is driven by an electric motor that rotates the pad at a high speed with a very small circular motion. This type of machine tends to leave a series of polished “whirlpools” on the material, but this can be somewhat reduced by tapping and efficient extraction.

Random track Sanders from sanding supplies
The random track sander will use coarse sandpaper to quickly remove waste, but it is also suitable for fine sanding and leaves almost no trace on the final surface. Polishing felts and mops can also be used on some machines. The grinding motion is also circular, except that the random orbital motion comes from a special eccentric drive bearing that moves the spacer in an elliptical manner. When the two movements are combined, they cause the polishing pad to rotate randomly, which tends to reduce the tiny circular “vortex” because no part of the abrasive moves twice along the same path.

Dual action
Double action sander from sanding supplies
These are the heavier versions of random track sanders, but the use of power rotation speeds up the work and achieves the best finish. They are capable of switching between rough, fine and polished modes and are well known in the automotive industry, but have become increasingly popular in the woodworking industry in recent years. These machines work in a similar way to random track sanders, but the axes that move in orbital motion are gear-driven and therefore always rotate for excellent finish.

Belt sander from sanding supplies
As the name implies, these flap wheel sander use a continuously rotating endless belt to sand the workpiece. One of these machines is equipped with a thick belt that removes a lot of material and should be used with caution. For more precise grinding and use in larger areas, it is recommended to use a sanding frame whenever possible. A useful feature is that some machines have the function of being inverted and fixed on the work surface, which makes them a small decorator.

Mechanical sander from sanding supplies
All forms of sander will perform three general tasks: shaping, smoothing and removing woodwork. However, because there are many different brands and models, knowing which sander is best for you can be a tough decision. Read this guide to learn about the various sanders we sell that are right for your job.

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