Useful tips for reducing monotonous diamond abrasive

Just because it takes time, it is often described as one of the most unpleasant tasks. But with the right equipment and some instructive tips, you can create great surface effects in a short amount of time in a variety of ways.

1. Increase speed by extraction
BINIC has a better extraction effect; it not only removes harmful substances, but also provides a clearer line of sight for a more precise surface finish.

2. Lightweight touch
Lighter pressures are usually better when using random track sanders. Pushing hard can cause scratches; in the long run, slow and steady will actually save time.

3. High quality diamond abrasive can recover costs
Yes, it’s more expensive, but high-quality diamond abrasive grit is designed to sand the wood faster and has a special coating to prevent clogging.

4. Make a mark between the coarse sand
Mark the wood with a pencil and then polish the mark off. Once these are removed, you know that you are ready for the next gravel. For finer grit, don’t use pencils too much, because you only need a light-colored mark.

5. More than one board should be polished?
Clamp them together and sand them together; save time and ensure the same width.

Safety first
BINIC recommends the use of respiratory protection equipment even when pumping.

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