The boss wants you to know about safe installation of grinder cutting wheel.

Do you need to know how to change the cut or polish disc without damaging yourself, the disc or the machine? Find the correct and incorrect way to replace a disc in the picture below…
Replace the disc
The cutting disc or grinder cutting wheel should be installed according to the instructions provided by the grinder cutting wheel and the machine manufacturer. especially:

Make sure the edging is flat and clean.
Always use the appropriate flange.
The flanges face the two faces of the disc and must have the same diameter and shape. (except for raised hub flanges, box [1]).
180-230mm installation
100-125mm installation
Grinding and folding installation
Check disc/grinder cutting wheel
Before installing the disc, make sure it is not broken or damaged.
Do not use damaged or expired grinder cutting wheels (we recommend using the disc for three years after purchase).
Use a non-metallic object (screwdriver handle) to tap the side of the disc for sound checking. If the sound is damp and the sound is not clear, reject the grinder cutting wheel.
Do not use grinder cutting wheels that are exposed to excessive/low temperature/humidity or that are artificially or inadvertently wetted.
Checking machine
Check flanges, linings, support pivots and adapters.
Make sure the grinder cutting wheel is suitable for the job to be carried out and that the grinder cutting wheel is suitable for the grinder cutting wheel.
Always use suitable safety guards and always operate the opening of the safety guard in the opposite direction to the operator.
Keep the machine productive.
Clamping flange
Medium Ake ensures that the flange is flat, clean and smooth.
Always use a suitable flange – the flange must have a diameter that faces both sides of the grinder cutting wheel and is the same shape (notch). Except for raised hub flanges.

This is metal grinding disc

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