What if I Use an Expired Rotary Tool Cutting Wheel?

The expiration date on the rotary tool cutting wheel is not like the expiration date on a bottle of milk. Unlike milk, the cut-off date may or may not cut off the milk, and do not use the cutting piece after it expires. It can lead to serious consequences and is definitely not worth the risk of yourself or the people around you. Read on to find out more…

Rotary tool cutting wheel fault

Do you know that cutting or cutting a rotary tool cutting wheel expires?
Yes, they did it! Typically, you will see an expiration date printed on the center ring of the rotary tool cutting wheel in the format month and year (for example, 03/2022).

Smaller or acyclic rotary tool cutting wheels may have a date printed on the package, on the rotary tool cutting wheel label or even on the rotary tool cutting wheel itself, and up to three years from the date of manufacture. These dates must be observed to comply with the manufacturing regulations EN12413:2007 + A1.

Why does the rotary tool cutting wheel fail-safe glass rotary tool cutting wheel expire?

what's abrasive disc

The rotary tool cutting wheel is made by bonding the abrasive together using a resin. Over time, the resin will absorb moisture, which will make the wood cutting wheel for angle grinder or grinding disc worse. Using an expired disc will cause a malfunction, and if the rotary tool cutting wheel fails, the operator and anyone nearby can be seriously injured.

What happens to the rotary tool cutting wheel “failure”?

Disc failure is extremely dangerous and can often cause the rotary tool cutting wheel to break, break or explode during use. It is conceivable that sharp sharpener fragments can be projected at high speeds at high speeds and can cause serious injury. It is well known that these cuts can cause permanent damage, loss of body parts, loss of vision, and in some cases death.

How to prevent rotary tool cutting wheel failure and damage?

When using the cutting blade with a power tool, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s operating and safety instructions. These include:

  • expiry date
  • CD inspection, processing and storage
  • Machine inspection
  • Wear appropriate personal protective equipment
  • Assembly and operating instructions

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