Wire Brush Troubleshooting Guide

There are several common reasons why your brushing application may not perform as expected. Keep reading some of the most common problems and their solutions…

The brush won’t last long
Reduce the wire diameter
Increase wire diameter
Reduce brushing pressure
The brush is not active enough
Try increasing surface speed – increase brush diameter or RPM
Reduce trim length and / or increase trim density
Increase wire diameter / wire gauge
Reduce feed rate
Change to twisted brush
The brush is too radical
Reduce surface speed – reduce brush diameter or RPM
Increase trim length and / or reduce trim density
Reduce wire diameter / wire gauge
Increase feed rate
Change to crimp
Lack of burr removal
Increase brush diameter
Increase wire diameter / wire gauge
Uneven brush action
Reduce brushing pressure
Reduce wire diameter
Working at a lower speed
The paint is too rough
Reduce wire diameter / wire gauge
Increase the length of the decoration
Increase surface speed
Increase the density of brush trimming
Try using a curly wire brush

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