What should you know about a sanding disc angle grinder?

You may never have used a sanding disc angle grinder. Maybe some of you don’t even know what it is!

But for people working in the construction related field or in some way related to it, this tool is very convenient! So let’s find out what it is.

Let’s take a look at the basics of sanding disc angle grinders.

Tools often get hot
Sanding disc angle grinders, cutting tools and chisels are usually made of tempered steel. The steel parts may become hot and dark due to overheating.

To solve the overheating problem, the heated parts can be immersed in water. Also, make sure to take care of the tool often.

small item
Use a locking pliers to hold small objects. This technique is effective in preventing burns by keeping the finger at a safe distance from the rotating part of the tool. It also gives you more control over the sanding disc for angle grinder.

Sharpen objects with a low speed sanding disc angle grinder
Many sanding disc angle grinders can run at speeds approaching 3,400 rpm unless they have a variable speed function. These sanding disc angle grinders do not cause any trouble if you follow all safety precautions while you work.

However, experts recommend using a lower rpm (about 1700) to sharpen the item. By using the sanding disc angle grinder at a lower speed, the risk of overheating of the tool edges can be reduced.

Another benefit of using a low speed sanding disc angle grinder is that it has a fragile sanding disc for angle grinder. High-speed grinding machines have grey angle grinder discs that are not as abrasive as low-speed grinding machines.

Regular dressing sanding disc for angle grinder
Trimming the sanding disc for angle grinder not only improves the surface, but also reveals new grit to increase cutting efficiency. With the frequent use of the concrete grinding discs for angle grinder, the cutting grit becomes dull and the space between the grit is blocked.

When the sanding disc for angle grinder is in poor condition, it slows down the material removal process; in turn, it increases the chance of overheating.

wear mask
You should consider safety precautions and wear high-quality dust masks to check your health when working with sanding disc angle grinders.

Alumina-containing dust is not good for your lungs. For people who often use sanding disc angle grinders, the damage is even greater.

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