Which type of diamond abrasive paper is best for grinding?

Diamond abrasive paper have undoubtedly developed in various forms. Looking at the list of web pages, you can find other cores and bonding materials, as well as different rim profiles. It is readily identifiable that the segmented rim category is always fitted with equally spaced slots around the diamond abrasive paper. Elsewhere, the zigzag deformer lost its position and gained jagged radiance.

Weighing sawtooth weighing design

Other diamond abrasive paper rim types have a binary simplicity. The “or” design promotes a simple continuous rim pattern or switches to a series of slotted cuts that are added to improve the cutting airflow. In the end, the serrated rim steals the best function from the other two diamond abrasive paper types. They offer the same uninterrupted benefits as continuous cutting, and then their edges are slanted and raised in a zigzag pattern so they provide intermittent grinding characteristics of the segmented tool.

Segmented diamond abrasive paper cuts fast

The rim continues for a short distance, tilts inwardly to form a groove, and then restores the curved passage. The pattern repeats as you surround the diamond abrasive paper. As previously mentioned, the profile is designed to breathable air. Zigzag rims are used for wet or dry cutting applications and have the talent for rapid grinding in concrete and masonry blocks. This is the type of diamond abrasive paper seen at the edge of the road that cuts through asphalt and concrete. On the construction site, the same diamond abrasive paper were cut through the bricks. What is interesting here is that the shape of the channel profile is slightly different, so these different building materials are better solved. Teardrop grooves are common, and elongated U-shaped grooves are also common.

Explore the benefits of jagged trimming

Segmented rims provide greater grinding power and therefore do not always maintain a clean surface. They completed their work and then proceeded, while leaving a rough, worn cut surface. At the same time, continuous rim variants provide the cleanest cut, but work best on ceramic or ceramic tiles. They also operate relatively slowly, require a cooling water supply, and are in trouble when flushing the chips. By combining the two rim profiles, the tool operator will gain an advantage by combining their best features into the form of a serrated rim. You can still choose to cut quickly, but now the grinding operation is more tidy. The possibility of fragmentation is also small.

Segmented diamond grinding wheel for tungsten carbide are faster and are an excellent grinding option. However, the encrypted configuration file does not work. By switching to serrated grinding, we can maintain a fast grinding action, but we can add a clean cut on the continuous cutting diamond abrasive paper. The high-end serrated rim, known as the Turbo diamond abrasive paper, provides higher grinding accuracy and increased productivity.

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