How Do I Choose Flap Disc For Sanding Wood or Metal?

There are various applications of flap disc, such as flap disc for wood, for metal, for steel, and for stone. The impeller base of the flap disc is made of mesh cloth, nylon, plastic, steel paper, etc. The blades vary in number and are evenly distributed in a fan shape. The cutting force of the product is very strong, and the effect of heat resistance and wear resistance / synchronous consumption of sand and cloth is very significant, and its service life is 3-4 times longer than that of products in the same industry. It can also be used for grinding and polishing in industrial production, and it is also a kind of industrial consumable products.

Different Types Of Flap Disc

They are all the best sanding flap wheels for wood, metal and other materials. The T27 and T29 flap discs are often used for removing paint from metal, shaping and polishing metal, and removing material. They are professionals in this field.

Ⅰ T27 and T29 Flap Disc

According to the angle of the flap disc, we can divide them into two styles: T27 vs T29. The differences between the T27 and T29 flap disc will be shown here.

What Is The Difference Between T27 And T29 Flap Disc

  1. Shape

The form of the two flap discs is one of the most fundamental variances between them. The T27 flap disc is flat and has a 0 degree angle. The T29, on the other hand, has a slightly sloping face. It has a somewhat conical form while not reaching a point. Because of their form, they will respond to various conditions in order to optimize their utility.

  1. Best Grinding Angle

It is ideal to grind the material at an angle of 0 to 15 degrees when using a T27 disc. The T29 flap, on the other hand, is suitable for grinding material at an angle of 15 to 25 degrees. They will have the most potential contact area with the substance this way.

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  1. Different Application

The difference in shape makes type 27 vs type 29 flap disc good for different scenarios. The T27 is best for sanding surfaces and smoothing them, and this type of flap disc is also best for sanding flat surfaces. On the other hand, the T29 flap disc is best for profiling and contouring material surfaces, as well as working on uneven material surfaces.

  1. Ability to Grind Material Away

While a T27 can grind material away from a metal surface, the T29 is better for aggressive material removal and grinding because to its angle. T29 flap disc is more aggressive while grinding.

  Flap Disc In Various Abrasive Grains

According to the abrasive grains of the flap disc, we can divide them into these styles:

Here is an introduction of zirconia and ceramic flap disc.

Zirconia Flap disc

Zirconia abrasive greatly increases the grinding efficiency of the flap disc, which makes it harder. Zirconia flap disc is suitable for working on stainless steel, steel, weld seam, chamfering, and surface grinding on steel.

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Ceramic Flap Disc

Ceramic abrasives are quite pricey, but they are also among the best abrasives on the market. The inclusion of ceramic abrasive enhances the longevity, grain retention, and fray resistance of the flap disc. Ceramic Aluminium Oxide flap discs outlast stainless steel, cobalt, chromium, Inconel, titanium, and other hard-to-grind materials by 50%-20%.


In summary, we must know exactly what we want when selecting a flap disc. When it comes to wood sanding, the T27 flap disc is the ideal option for smoothing the wood surface. If you want to remove the metal surface solder and contour, then the T29 is the best choice. If you want to know more about flap disc, you can contact abrasive manufacturer Binic.