How to Use The Flap Disc?

The flap disc, also known as the elastic grinding wheel. It is a wheel-shaped coated abrasive made of high-grade abrasive cloth as the base material and processed by a special process. The flap disc wheel can also replace many traditional grinding wheels. Compared with the traditional china grinding wheel, the flap disc wheel has better elasticity and tensile bending performance during use.

cutting-off wheel

The Application Of Flap Disc

It is mainly used in the fields of manufacturing, construction and non-metal materials, as well as rust removal, grinding and finishing of various metals, stainless steel, flap disc for wood, plastic, rubber planes, internal and external surfaces, and irregular surfaces. The main task of the flap disc in these fields is to perform rust removal and grinding operations on various materials that need to be processed.

The Benefits Of Flap Disc

The cutting force of the flap disc impeller is very strong, which can adapt to the cutting treatment of materials with different strengths, and the heat-resistant and wear-resistant characteristics of the aluminum flap disc impeller can also complete large-scale equipment grinding and polishing, its own hardness is strong, and its service life is longer than similar products. Next, let’s take a look at the knowledge related to the flap disc.

How To Use The Flap Disc

  1. Before use, be sure to check whether the protective cover is stable and whether the installation of the angle grinder is stable;
  2. Wear protective goggles and appropriate work clothes;
  3. The cutting and grinding direction cannot be directed towards others or yourself;
  4. The inclination angle between the grinding disc and the workpiece should be 30 to 40 degrees; (as the picture shows)


cutting disc

  1. Please choose the angle grinder produced by the regular manufacturer. The maximum speed that the angle grinder can withstand should be consistent with the speed of the angle grinder;Choose the right angle grinder for flap disc to better reflect its performance.
  2. Do not use angle grinding discs with unqualified quality such as exceeding the validity period or damp;
  3. When using the angle grinder, remember not to use too much force, but to use even force, so as to avoid the phenomenon of grinding discs breaking and causing unsafe hazards.

In short, I hope everyone can pay attention to safety when using the flap disc.


The above is a brief introduction, use methods and uses of the flap disc, I hope it will be helpful to everyone. If you have any questions, please contact Shanghai BINIC Co., Ltd. We specialize in the production of china grinding wheel, wire wheels, wholesale abrasive cutting disc, flap discs and other products.