Can a Flap Disc be used on Wood?

Flap discs are an excellent tool for processing wood.

The flap discs designed for wood are essentially similar to the flap discs designed for metal.
You can use flap disc on wood for wood.



  • Mild steel, tool steels, plastic, primer,lacquers and wood.
  • Cleaning of welding seams, deburring, chamfer,De-rust, preparatory works for lacquer of car-bodies, machines, swich boards, tank constructions, sanding of wooden surface such asparquet for furniture

flap disc on wood, you should also use a baffle on an angle grinder like you would with a grinding wheel.
In order to avoid scratching too deeply, first use heavy grit and then gradually sand to the shallower grit (100+) to complete the final processing.
For wood sanding, please process in 120, 150, 180 and 220 grain sizes to achieve furniture-grade surfaces.

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