How to choose a nylon wheel brush

Nylon abrasive wheel brush is an industrial brush for deburring, blending edges, cleaning parts and improving surface conditions. As the name suggests, these wheeled electric brushes have nylon abrasive filaments that work like a flexible file. Other types of filament wheel brushes are also available. Usually, these brush tools have brass, carbon steel, stainless steel, Tampico or nylon filaments instead of nylon impregnated with abrasive.
Type of Nylon Grinding Wheel

Buyers can choose from several nylon abrasive brushes. Options include standard nylon wheels for light deburring, nylon wheel composite hub wheels for high-performance surface treatments, and wheel brushes with nylon wheels and copper centers. Industrial brush buyers can also choose a standard or flared nylon wheel brush mounted on a mandrel.

Standard nylon abrasive wheel brush

Standard nylon abrasive wheel brushes are used for light deburring, edge fusion and surface treatment. Safe and non-reactive, these industrial brushes are an ideal alternative to wire rope brushes for squeeze cutting burrs. A standard nylon wheel brush is mounted on most base grinders, a grinder for manual grinding of cutting tools such as drills.

When choosing a standard nylon wheel, choose a brush tool that uses alumina (AO) or silicon carbide (SC) abrasives. Alumina abrasives are recommended for brass, bronze and softer metals. Silicon carbide abrasives are suitable for parts made of low carbon steel, stainless steel and cast iron. Choosing grit is also important.

High-performance nylon abrasive composite wheel brush

Nylon abrasive composite hub brush is a high performance industrial brush tool. Safe, reliable, and with an almost indestructible core wire, they have a higher filament density and a balanced structure. Use these brush tools for machine-based and temporary deburring, surface finishing, and rounding.

Nylon abrasive composite hub brushes provide precise cutting edge radii on carbide cutting tools for longer life and less wire breaks. These high-performance wheel brushes are also used for surface treatment of metal shafts, turbine blades, steel gears, machined parts and extruded cutting edges.

Copper center and mandrel fixed wheel brushes

Wheel brushes with copper centers can be installed in groups and come in various arbor hole sizes. They are designed for general-purpose surface finishing and are ideal for light deburring and edge blending. There are two types of wheel brushes mounted on the mandrel: standard brushes and horn brushes. Both types can replace wire brushes and are ideal for automated machinery and CNC equipment.

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