How to use sanding disc

Sanding disc is one of the most versatile hand tools. With sanding disc, you can grind, cut, engrave, polish, route, engrave and polish.  Sanding discs are available in a variety of particle sizes including 180, 220 and 240.

1. Unplug the sanding disc. Use a collet wrench to loosen the collet and then remove the attachment (if any) from the collet.

2. Slide the sanding disc mandrel into the collet and tighten with a wrench. Loosen and remove the end screw from the mandrel.

3. Insert the mandrel tip screw into the hole in the center of the disc. Screw the screw into the mandrel.

4. Plug the sanding disc into the power outlet, then shift the selector switch (for hardwood and cork products) between “12” and “17”, for laminates and plastic products, between “5” and “8” .

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