How to usc disc sanding machine to cut wood?

Step 1 – Put on safety gear

Gloves and goggles should be worn before using the disc sanding machine. Always wear them when operating the disc sander. Goggles protect your eyes from any dust particles that may fly out, and gloves protect your hands.

Don’t wear loose clothes, or at least wear an apron to cover the loose clothes on your body. If you have long hair, be sure to tie it back.

Step 2 – Set up disc sanding machine

Place the disc sanding machine in an area with less traffic. This position reduces the risk of someone hitting you when using the machine.

Before opening the power switch of the disc sanding machine, make sure that a protective cover (covering the cover of the round sander) is always installed.

Also check if the dust collector is connected. If not, connect it to the disc sanding machine because the extraction unit will draw or capture any dust particles as it is being sanded.

Step 3 – Prepare the material

For accurate results, always mark the area on the material to be ground. These markers will help you determine if the desired area or shape has been reached.

Step 4 – Open disc sanding machine

Once the disc sanding machine is set up, it can be turned on. Wait for the cut off disc to reach full speed before using the disc sanding machine. When you open the disc sanding machine, you will notice that the sander rotates counterclockwise, so you only need to use the left side of the disc sanding machine.

Step 5 – Use disc sanding machine

Keep your finger at least 4 inches from the sander and always pay attention to where to place your finger when using the disc sander.

Carefully place the material to be ground on the work space or work surface of the disc sanding machine. Gently push the material toward the rotating disc; move the clip from left to right. Do not push the material too hard onto the sanding disc. You can only use the part of the disc sander that is not protected by the shield. However, only use the sander to move down the part.

Always keep the material moving; otherwise, the friction between the wood and the sander will cause the wood to darken.

Step 6 – Adjust as needed

Most disc sanders have a table that can be adjusted to different angles. To use this feature, first turn off the disc sanding machine and unplug the power. This is to ensure that no accidents will occur.

To sand the material or wood at different angles, loosen the lock nut on the side of the table. Adjust the lock nut to your liking.

Be extra careful when using the adjustment stage, as there will be room from the workbench to the turntable. This way, you have more room for an accident.

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