Selecting Coated Abrasives Flap Disc

In the metal working and woodworking industry, abrasive flap discs are used for cleaning, molding, deburring, polishing and finishing work.

  1. What Is a Flap Disc ?

Abrasives flap wheel are designed with densely overlapping abrasives called valves, which not only shape any metal but also provide a good finish. Coated abrasive disc is mainly used in metal processing, machining, agriculture, welding and food industry.

  1. Different Flap Disc Types

This pellet is not durable and is recommended for small projects requiring a consistent low cost product. This grit flap disc is best suited for alloy and low-alloy steels – these discs cannot be used in stainless steel because they contain iron.

Zirconia provides a very good cut rate to cost ratio. This grain abrasives flap wheel is most suitable for high alloy, stainless steel and heat treated steel; Gas, non-ferrous metals. It’s a favorite cereal among metalworkers and DIY users.

Although expensive, this grain grinding flap disc offers the fastest cutting and best use of the entire grain for the longest life, especially in stainless steel or high alloy materials.

Others include silicon carbide — also known as silicon carbide, a particle that is the best choice for marble, stone, glass and non-ferrous metals.

  1. The Advantages Of Flap Disc

In use, the flap disc grinder has the advantage that each individual disc strikes the workpiece at a very slightly different Angle, which also varies with the Angle of the grinder. This avoids the common problem of flap disc paint removal being prone to produce the same repeated scratches during work.

  1. What Applications Are Flap Disc Uses?

Flap discs provide a similar metal removal rate to standard cutting wheels, but they may have a slow cutting rate and wear out quickly. Angle grinder flap discs can be ground and flap wheel sander for metal and use flap wheels for wood, which means you don’t need to switch between the two types of disks. Effective grinding and finishing depends on the amount of pressure you apply. For active grinding, you need to apply a lot of pressure, while finishing requires low pressure.

High density valves last longer, but normal density valves wear with active grinding. A high quality flap flap provides longer life and avoids frequent disc replacement.


When it comes to buying flap disc for grinding, you have a lot of options. However, a reputable company that cares about you and your project will help you get better results. When you try new tools such as flap discs, you should also feel comfortable asking for samples.

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