Tile Cutting Disc | Which Cutting Tool is Best for your Tile?

Different tile cutting tools like tile cutting disc are designed for different types of cutting, from fast straight cutting to detailed curves and notches. There are also cutting tools that excel at removing tiles for repairs.

1.Desktop wet saw

you want:
Cut many tiles on at least one room in your house, and you want these cuts to be perfect, straight and trouble-free.

A wet tile cutter is a table saw, a bit like a woodworker’s table saw, but it only uses a one or carbon blade made of diamond for cutting tiles. Throughout the cutting process, it also delivers a continuous stream of water to the blades and tiles to reduce heat, and most importantly, dust.

Wet saws can quickly and accurately cut all types of tiles, including stone and glass tiles. They can cut anything, from huge large-format tiles to tiny mosaic tiles, which can save a lot of time on large projects. What they don’t do is bend cutting.

2. Handheld wet saw or swing tool

you want:
Hand-held wet tile saw or swing-type multi-tool; ordinary circular saw with tile blade also works

Manual wet sawing is the cleanest and safest option for removing installed tiles. These tools work similar to ordinary circular saws, but they use tile saw blades and have a continuous spray of water that is delivered to the blade through a plastic tube.

In addition, a standard circular saw with a 4-inch diamond blade can do the job, but it will be ugly. Tile workers use wet saws for a reason. Cutting with a standard circular saw can be very dusty, and sharp tile fragments can fly out.

A vibrating multifunctional tool like BINIC is a great way to remove the cement paste that binds the cement paste to the surrounding tiles with surgery. After removing the grout, you can use a chisel and hammer to safely shred the damaged tiles without damaging adjacent tiles.

3. Tile Cutting Disc

you want:
Cut some tiles without spending a lot of money on specialized tile tools.

The snap-on tile cutter works similarly to a glass cutter, with a carbide grinding wheel that cuts into the surface. Also known as track cutters, they are used by placing the tiles in place, pulling the tile cut off wheels across the surface of the tiles to score them, and then pressing the handles to obtain a satisfactory “snap” to Break the tiles along the score line.

The downside is that the Quick Cutter cannot give you perfect lines (as can be seen with a wet tile saw), but it is acceptable if rough edges will be covered by skirting boards. You can also use tile rubbing stones to clean the cut edges.

4. Tile clamp

you want:
Cut a small portion of a single tile or make a curved cut.

Call it a tile clamp or whatever, this is the easiest tile cutting tool you will ever buy. It looks like a set of spring pliers, except that the “end of the jaw” of the tile pliers has two hardened carbide blades. These blades are very rigid and allow you to systematically nib at the edges of the tiles to form curves and notches.

5. Rotary cutting tool or hole saw

you want:
Create a hole or other cut in the center of the tile.

Sometimes you have to cut inside a tile, such as a circle for pipes or a rectangle for sockets. The BSP hole saw has a blade like a rotary drill, but it moves very fast, and the sides of the drill are covered with diamond sand, which penetrates the tiles. BSP Diamond Core Drill Bits can cut curves and holes as well as straight lines.

Tile cutting hole saws mounted on portable drills for clean round cuts. It works like a drill, except that it cannot be cut or bent in a straight line except for a complete circle.

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