Tile cutting wheel-How to cut your own tiles

If you are going to do some operation in the kitchen or bathroom, you may need to cut some tiles at some point. Whether you are replacing a broken or cracked floor or re-paving the floor or wall, proper cutting will ensure that your work is smooth and long-lasting.

First, how much do you want to cut? If you want to tile the cabinet or just replace some cracked edges everywhere, you can use a manual tile cutter to solve it. If you plan to overhaul all wet areas, a tile cutting wheel may be the best choice.

Manual tile cutting wheel cutting

A 60 cm tile cutting disc is the ideal tool for cutting large tiles at home and even. They are cut to a depth of 6-15 mm and can handle a variety of porcelain or ceramic tiles. The maximum cutting length is 66 cm and the diagonal cutting is up to 46 cm, even the largest tiles will not be a problem. Now, start cropping.

Measure the space that the tile needs to fill, then subtract enough space to accommodate the spacers and you have the final width. Mark it with a pencil and straight edges and place it in the tile cutting disc for angle grinder. Align the graphite cutting wheel with the place where the cutting begins and score the tiles. Do not exceed one or two times because too many scratches can break the glaze and leave a rough edge.

Now make a quick cut. Lift the handle and place the pressure pad in the center of the tile. Alleviate it and apply pressure consistently until the tiles get stuck. It should be clearly separated on the line where you scored, resulting in a beautiful, clean effect.

Cutting with a tile cutting wheel

Using a ceramic tile cutting wheel will allow you to handle thicker, harder tiles – especially ceramic varieties. Not only that, but you now have a wider range of cutting options. For example, it is much easier to perform an tile cutting wheel cut or other oblique cut than a manual cutter.

When using a ceramic tile cutting wheel, make sure that the liquid flows easily around the ceramic tile sanding disc to avoid messing up the tiles, the ceramic tile grinding wheel or yourself. As long as the cutting is slow and smooth, the tile cutting disc can be easily used, but the safety should be carefully considered. Safety glasses should be worn on both types of ceramic tile cutting wheels. When using a ceramic tile cutting wheel, additional precautions should be taken to ensure that water is drained from any electrical outlet or plug.

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