What is the best cut off wheel for stainless steel?

The cutting wheel is made of abrasive, binder resin, etc. It is a thin sheet that cuts ordinary steel, stainless steel metal and non-metallic materials. Among them, technicians often use cutting wheels to cut some stainless steel that needs to be processed. This article talks about the best cut off wheel for stainless steel.

1.Types of stainless steel cutting wheels

If the material of the cut off wheel is similar to the object being cut, a burn phenomenon will occur, so generally resin cutting wheels are used for cutting stainless steel, iron, and aluminum (What is resin cutting wheel?)

2.Special name for stainless steel cutting wheel

Stainless steel is a relatively soft material. Many abrasive wheels on the market are different in hardness, which results in different effects after cutting. Therefore, it is best to choose a specific abrasive wheel for cutting stainless steel. In this way, material is saved after cutting and without burrs. This type of cutting wheel specifically for cutting stainless steel is called inox cutting disc. (What is an inox cutting disc?)

Best cut off wheel for stainless steel:

best cut off wheel for stainless steel

3.Specifications of stainless steel cutting Wheel

Size Type Application Specification Speed R.P.M Label Design
50x 1 x 6 T41 SS/S AS60 T-BF 80m/s 30600 Mini Cut Off Wheels
50 x 2 x 6 T41 SS/S AS60 T-BF 80m/s 30600
60 x 2 x 6 T41 SS/S AS60 T-BF 80m/s 30600
76x 1.2 x 10 T41 SS/S AS60 T-BF 80m/s 20300
76 x 2 x 6 T41 SS/S AS60 T-BF 80m/s 20300
50x 1 x 6 T41 G A60 T-BF 80m/s 30600
50x 2 x 6 T41 G A46 T-BF 80m/s 30600
60x 2 x 6 T41 G A46 T-BF 80m/s 30600
76x 1 x 10 T41 G A46 T-BF 80m/s 20300
76x 2x 6 T41 G A46 T-BF 80m/s 20300
115 x 0.8 x 22.23 T41 AS60V-BF SS(INOX)/S 80m/s 13300 Extra thin Inox Cutting Wheel
125 x 0.8 x 22.23 T41 AS60V-BF SS(INOX)/S 80m/s 12200
115 x 1 x 22.23 T41 WA60T-BF INOX 80m/s 13300 Thin Wheel
125 x 1 x 22.23 T41 WA60T-BF INOX 80m/s 12200
100 x 1 x22.23 T41 AS60T-BF SS/S 80m/s 15300 Mini Cut Off Wheels
100 x 1.6 x 16 T41 AS46T-BF SS/S 80m/s 15300
115 x 1 x 22.23 T41 AS60T-BF SS/S 80m/s 13300
115 x 1.6 x 22.23 T41 AS46T-BF SS/S 80m/s 13300
125 x 1 x 22.23 T41 AS60T-BF SS/S 80m/s 12200
125 x 1.6 x22.23 T41 AS46T-BF SS/S 80m/s 12200
150 x 1.6 x 22.23 T41 AS46T-BF SS/S 80m/s 10200
180 x 1.6 x22.23 T41 AS46T-BF SS/S 80m/s 8600
230 x 1.9 x22.23 T41 AS46T-BF SS/S 80m/s 6600

more Inox Cutting Wheel

4.Material introduction of stainless steel cut off wheel:

There are many types of stainless steel cutting discs. The silicon carbide cutting wheel is the hardest, and the brown corundum cut  off wheel is the weakest.

  • White corundum: It is made from industrial alumina powder, smelted and cooled in a high temperature above 2000 degrees in an arc, pulverized and shaped, magnetically removed iron, and sieved into a variety of particle sizes. Its texture is dense, high hardness, and granular Formed with a sharp angle, it is suitable for manufacturing ceramics, resin-consolidated abrasives, grinding, polishing, sandblasting, precision casting (corundum for precision casting), etc., and can also be used for manufacturing advanced refractory materials.
  • Brown corundum: the main raw materials are bauxite and coke (anthracite),and is smelted in an electric arc furnace at high temperature. The abrasive tools made from it are suitable for grinding higher tensile metals such as various General-purpose steel, malleable cast iron, hard bronze, etc., can also manufacture advanced refractory materials. It has the characteristics of high purity, good crystallization, strong fluidity, low linear expansion coefficient, and corrosion resistance.
  • Silicon Carbide: The raw materials are quartz sand, petroleum coke (or coal coke) and wood chips. The machine melts these materials at high temperature to make silicon carbide. Among today’s non-oxide high-tech refractory materials, such as C, N, B, silicon carbide is the most widely used and most economical one.

5.What are the advantages of stainless steel cut off wheels?

  • High-performance abrasives, brown corundum, white corundum, zirconium corundum, single crystal corundum, chromium corundum, etc.
  • The flatness is high, the cutting piece will not burn the workpiece, and the workpiece is still very smooth after cutting.
  • The sharpness is good.After cutting, the incision is still bright as new.
  • High durability, one or two of the well-known manufacturers, which has been tested many times.
  • Professional for cutting precious metals such as metal and stainless steel.
  • The cutting disc without iron sulfide and 0.5mm can be equipped with a reinforcing mesh, which is safe and efficient.
  • using high-quality glass fiber and resin as a reinforcing agent material, with high tensile and impact strength, professionally used in the production of stainless steel and other precious metals, excellent material cutting, exquisite workmanship to ensure Good protection, with high cutting efficiency and best economic effect.

6.Suggestions for cutting and polishing operations

To ensure the effective execution of construction operations, please ensure before operation:

  • The grinding wheel itself is intact and the power tool protective cover is firmly installed
  • Workers must wear eye, hand, ear protection and work clothes
  • The grinding wheel is correctly installed on the power tool, which is firm and stable, and at the same time, ensure that the speed of the power tool cannot be higher than the speed of the grinding wheel itself
  • Manufacturers can guarantee that the wheels are purchased through regular channels.
  • The cutting blade cannot be used as a grinding blade
  • Do not use excessive force when cutting and sanding
  • Use suitable non-broken flanges
  • Before installing a new grinding wheel, turn off the power of the power tool and unplug the socket
  • Let the wheel work idle for a while before cutting and sanding
  • Store the grindstones properly and keep them when not in use
  • No obstacles in the work area
  • Do not use cutting blades without reinforcement mesh on power tools
  • Never use damaged wheels
  • Do not block the cutting piece in the slit
  • When cutting or grinding is stopped, the click speed should be stopped naturally. It is strictly forbidden to manually apply pressure to the grinding wheel, which is considered to prevent its rotation
Other questions and answers:

Can I use aluminum alloy cut off wheels to cut stainless steel? What’s the difference?

Special aluminum alloy cut off discs cannot be used to cut stainless steel. Because the hardness of aluminum is low and the hardness of stainless steel is high. If someone use an aluminum alloy cutting wheel to cut stainless steel, the cutting disc is quickly passivated and the stainless steel cannot be cut.

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