What is an INOX Cutting Disc?

INOX means stainless steel cutting disc.INOX cutting disc means that the cutting wheel does not contain iron and therefore has the ability to cut stainless steel and mild steel.

Cutting Wheel Inox

what is an inox cutting disc



  • Free from iron, sulphur and chlorine. Special cutting disc for stainless steel. For food industrial.
  • 1.6mm thickness can fast and smooth cutting with low contact pressure.


  • For thin sheet, steel ropes, thin walled profiles and pipes made of stainless steel and non-ferrous metals, as well as composite materials.
  • Used on angle grinder, diameter of 115mm cutting disc and 125mm cutting disc are more durable for customers.

If the cutting disc is not specified for stainless steel or if no INOX is printed on the label, it is likely to be suitable only for cutting mild steel.

Because stainless steel is one of the more difficult types to cut, stainless steel discs can cut all types of metals, including aluminum, sheet metal, steel bars, and other low carbon steels.

Why use Special Cutting Wheels for Stainless Steel? What are The Requirements?

Because stainless steel is relatively soft, and the hardness of many cutting discs on the market is different, the effect after cutting is different. Therefore, it is best to choose a cut off disc for cutting stainless steel. In this way, the material is saved after cutting and without burrs.

For cutting stainless steel products, use cutting blades starting with WA, specifically made of white corundum, and inox on the cutting disc!

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