When cutting and bonded abrasive wheels explode

Needless to say, you won’t expect to release a new abrasive cutting disc or bonded abrasive wheels only after a few uses. And you will never expect a person to blow up on your face.

Unfortunately, if you don’t have the right bonded abrasive wheels, both can happen – and the frequency is more than you think.

not good. So why is this happening?

One of the reasons is that the abrasive works in a specific RPM range, usually outlined on the packaging or the bonded abrasive wheels itself. If your wheel is out of these RPMs or is not used properly, it may tear.

Another reason is that some bonded abrasive wheels are not durable.

The deceleration of the abrasive cut off wheel is the cause of the deceleration. That is, they are usually made with fillers or inferior binders, which make them more fragile and more susceptible to breakage. Most importantly, they are typically manufactured where they do not follow the rigorous testing and quality assurance standards that US manufacturers follow. (Learn more about the dangers of low-speed abrasives here.)

In the name of a small amount of savings, this is a huge risk, especially when you consider the cost of replacement and the damage that can be caused by dangerous abrasives.

Avoid risks and get work done faster
We are not a loyal supporter of products that put customers at risk. We prefer to provide industrial grade bonded abrasive wheels and accessories to help you get the job done without putting yourself or your workers at risk. That’s why our abrasives are always made of high quality pellets, which means they are safer, longer lasting and work faster than other abrasives.

We tested our bonded abrasive wheels by testing our leading competitors to see how we can stand up:

For our own safety, we can only do this by locking the bonded abrasive wheels in a safe place. Now imagine that you are not that extravagant, but that fragments and debris are broken and scattered throughout your workplace. This is not an interesting situation, right?

Don’t leave any chance. Safety and performance are at the top of the list.

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