400 grit sanding disc-Grinding wheel safety precautions

If your business uses Type 1 or Type 27 grinding wheels, there are steps you need to take to ensure the safety of you and your employees. This is a list of what we can do and can’t do with the grinding wheel.

DO for 400 grit sanding disc safety

  • Before installation, check all sanding wheels for cracks or damage.
  • Make sure that the machine is operating at a speed that does not exceed the rated sanding wheel speed.
  • Care must be taken to handle and store the sanding wheels.
  • Make sure that the sanding wheel holes are properly installed and that the flanges are clean and flat, and that the hub is of the type and size that fits the hub you are installing.
  • Always run the sanding wheels in the protected area at least one minute before grinding.
  • Please use the sanding wheel guard supplied with the machine.
  • Always wear safety glasses or a suitable mask.
  • Always use common safety awareness practices and comply with all local and federal laws and regulations.
  • Don’t be safe for the sanding wheel

Do not use 400 grit sanding disc that have been dropped or damaged.

  •  Do not use excessive pressure when installing 600 grit sanding disc-Grinding wheel safety precautions between flanges. Only tighten the nut to secure the weld.
  • Do not use a sanding disc with a rated speed less than the speed of the grinder.
  • Do not operate the machine at will. Racks or hooks should be used to support the machine when not in use.
  • Do not use excessive side grinding pressure on any type 1 (planar) sanding wheel.
  • Do not install more than one sanding wheel on a tree.
  • Do not use the machine for inappropriate applications.
  • Do not use a machine that does not have a safety guard installed properly.

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