Flap disc for Aluminum? and Can Flap Disc used on Aluminum?

Flap disc for Aluminum? and Can Flap Disc used on Aluminum

Flap disc for Aluminum? Flap discs that attempt to grind aluminum can cause major problems. In particular, the biggest contraindication for grinders is aluminum. Aluminum melts easily if you are grinding aluminum, it will start to melt and the aluminum will cover the wheels.

The stone will grind for a while, but the particles will begin to embed in the stone’s pores. The next time the stone came, no sand was exposed, only a small amount of aluminum. As a result, the aluminum on the part rubs against the aluminum on the flap disc, generating more heat, more melting, and so on.

The natural reaction of the person at the wheel is to push the part tighter towards the wheel. But this will only cause more friction and make the wheels heat up faster. If the wheel are heated to a sufficient height, they may explode.


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